Interesting tidbits from my wonderful, fascinating life, all of which will probably interfere with the aura just inspired by the above poem:

Folks, life is getting scary. I found out Monday that I had a bibliography assignment due, um… last week. It was on the syllabus, plain and simple, but it wasn’t in the actual schedule of when things were due. You had a couple of pages of reading assignments, and on the back was the instructions about the paper that was due. I didn’t read those instructions because I wasn’t prepared to write my paper yet. However, in this particular class, my paper is broken down for me into several assignments, one of which was due last week. I think he talked about it in class, but I’m really not an audio learner, so I didn’t really pay much attention. I did my readings, got A’s on my quizzes and went on with my merry life. Until last week, when people turned in these pages and pages of lists of things they’d found on Chaucer. I thought, maybe, this is some kind of voluntary thing. Gee, those kids are so diligent, doing research on something they haven’t even read yet. Then Monday, they all go their assignments back and I think I saw grades on them, or at least comments. And so I had to ask, “Ok what the heck is this?” I got some pretty crazy looks. So now my homework’s late. Then, I realized Tuesday that I had completely missed a community service project that was worth 5% of my grade in my ethics class. I just forgot all about it. I spent all day Saturday cleaning my own room instead of cleaning the houses of poor, elderly people. My professor told me that she wanted to challenge the irrevocable nature (that means you can’t make it up) of the assignment, so I should think of some community service project that was really impressive and get back with her. I’m thinking of a childrens’ outreach program that a lady at MorningStar does, but I haven’t contacted her yet. Ve shall see.

Needless to say, I’m in a whirlwind right now. I already went ahead and dropped the extra class I was auditing, and now I’m just hoping to become a great deal more efficient. Because the only thing else I can drop is Xanga and I’m really loathe to do that. Monday night I hid in my room and did my homework assignment and refused to answer the phone or email or IM or anything. I felt pretty childish doing it, but I just didn’t want to talk to anybody. My understanding is that there were people all over campus trying to find me. My roommate came into the room and laughed at me and said (in his quiet Japanese way), “You’re hiding!” And I said, “Yep!” I’m so glad somebody understood.

Also: I guess other things than just dreams come up. I was sick last night. Here I was, already tired from freaking out about school and I ate something bad in the cafeteria. I thought I was just tired to the point of being dizzy and nauseous, so I went to bed, but when I woke up at 5:30 this morning “tired to the point of being dizzy and nauseous” I decided that maybe it was something else. This is proof of an English major: What was I doing in my sleep? I was rehashing the story of Frankenstein and trying to prove that the monster never really existed in the story, but was simply a figment of Dr. Frankenstien’s dementia. I was sure of this because I knew that every time the monster showed up and talked to Frankenstein, he was overcome with a rush of dizziness to the point of nausea. I was never able to prove my point entirely, though, because I eventually woke up.

What I really wanted was Pepto Bismol, but since that wasn’t available, I decided to get up and try for a soda from the dorm vending machine. I hopped down from my bunk (a feat in itself when you want to throw up) found the coin jar and shivered my way to the laundry room. I dished out the low low price of $1.00 and put in my first nickel. Fortunately, I realized immediately that something was wrong when the nickel when “chink” instead of the usual “chinkle-dink shiver shiver plish.” I looked in and there was a pile of money stuffed right inside the coin slot. Man, I tried everything. I got my keys out and tried to shove those coins around. I undid a paperclip. I broke the hook off of a hanger on the door of a washing machine in my attempt to un wind it so I could use it to shove the coins around. Nothing. I had no dollar bills, so I was not going to get a nice cool sprite. Eventually, I decided I was better enough just from being vertical for a while and went back to bed. For the most part, I think I’m better now. I was sort of pleased to know that my roommate was also feeling sick this morning and had eaten the same thing I did at dinner last night. Misery loves company. I am, however, going to tell the cafeteria staff in vain hopes that they won’t give us leftovers this time.

Shutting up now (to quote a little leprechaun)

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