As the prospect of marriage approaches, I’m beginning to think more and more about children. Children are pretty important to me. In fact, there was a point I thought I might actually want children more than a wife! I’m not so far gone as that anymore, but I am convinced that, once you have them, raising those children properly should be the absolute highest concern in the way you order your life (it takes second place, of course, to loving and honoring God, but since raising your children right is pretty high up there on God’s list too, I won’t make much of a distinction).

Valerie and I have already addressed the questions of “how soon” and “how many” that seem so pressing in today’s society (the answers are “as soon as possible,” and “lots!”, respectively). But the question of how to educate them (which seems so… academic …to some people) has been bearing down on my mind. Because we moved so often when I was growing up, I have been through nearly every concievable kind of school. Hands down, homeschooling won. I don’t mean just that it was the most fun, but I genuinely think I got the most education in the least amount of time.

Valerie and I are confident that we’ll be in the best imaginable position to homeschool our kids: She’s a biology major who intends to get a medical doctorate. I’m working on my MDiv degree. She can cover the sciences while I look after the humanities. We’ll be great.

But as I hear more and more at church and work about how horrible the public school situation is, the more guilty I feel. Some people are just not in the position to homeschool their kids. They are more than willing to help, but they just can’t do it themselves. Here I am, willing and able to teach my own kids, but unwilling to make a good contribution to help kids in the society around me, basically drowning in the unchristian culture. Doesn’t sound right, does it?

I like teaching kids. Valerie will tell you I’m actually good at it (though I wouldn’t go that far). When I was graduating undergrad, people kept asking me if I was going to teach with that English degree. No! I would say, thinking of my bad experiences in public school. There is no way I will ever touch one of those stinky things again. Then Valerie’s Aunt Judy pointed out to me that public schools are not the only option. And now that I think about it, assuming a better organization to work under, teaching wouldn’t be half bad. Valerie says I’m good at it. Which then, of course, sets me to thinking what would be the best situation where I could raise and educate my kids to the best of their potential, *and* contribute appropriately to the education of kids in the society around me.

And now I’m seriously considering looking into getting a masters in Christian education alongside that MDiv. Meanwhile I’ve been hearing about some of the other schooling options that are becoming available as homeschooling reaches the critical mass for diversification and begins to converge with other non-state run schooling systems. The potential for raising wonderfully educated children is amazing!

There’s some great debate going on at [Right Reason](, particularly in [this post]( about the division of power between the family, the state, and society. Be sure and read through the comments section, too, as Right Reason atrracts the best readers.

Author: KB French

Formerly many things, including theology student, mime, jr. high Latin teacher, and Army logistics officer. Currently in the National Guard, and employed as a civilian... somewhere

3 thoughts on “Education”

  1. K-

    Having gone to a private church run elementary school, I’d say you have a wonderful opportunity with a MDiv and MChristian Ed to make a difference in a local school. FOr one thing – they really need dedicated teachers who are good at it. There are so many options available to you – that home schooling your kids does not necessarily mean you are not giving back to your community. And remember too – you have many years ahead of you and in your lifetime will probably change your job focus at least 2 times as you progress down a path that will lead you to realizing your destiny.

    Home schooling your own kids now can lead you to helping others in 10 years or more.

    And maybe the emphasis right now is your family since Valerie will be in school and then residency. Someone has to provide the nurturing atmosphere while she is busy… because you don’t want to loose too much of their lives between 1-5. That’s the time that you influence them the most. It seems you are in a perfect position to provide support — as I know you always do for Valerie. (It’s a two cents worth type of comment. ;))



  2. What, only 3 careers?

    Thanks for your kind words. You do understand that, in our view, “as soon as possible” will probably mean after Valerie finishes her education. The prospect of going through the first year or so of a new baby’s life while in school is very daunting, so unless a “whoopsie” happens, we won’t be doing that. (Though we understand that whoopsies happen and know that every child is a gift from God)

    The plan is to get the schooling in as fast as possible so that we can get on to the business of having a family. Then, EVERYTHING will revolve around them.


  3. “The prospect of going through the first year or so of a new baby’s life while in school is very daunting”

    YEAH! try 2 babies.


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