More Graduation Pictures

Hi there. Here’s the rest of the graduation and post graduation pictures that I promised.

This is Alex, my other big-little brother.

Mom and Dad.

We had lots of huge willow oak trees on campus.

The stage is set and ready.

Here I come…

Made it.

Now if I can just finish this without falling down the hill….

Got it.

Lots and lots of pictures.

What did you say?

Momma giving directions for meal time.

Dr. Martin was my advisor and I was practically her personal assistant for the past 2 1/2 years. She retired this year.

This was when we were cornering Dale with the cameras.

Goodbye Queens.

Afterwards, I changed clothes for lunch and then after that I changed again to finish packing up my room and checking out of the dorm for the last time. You might wonder why I change clothes so much, well, I got a new dress….

I didn’t think that I was going to fit into this dress but was amazed when I did.

Drat. How come I have to be the shortest in my family?

Why do I always get sandwiched in the middle?

Time to change clothes….time to move out.

At least everything was mostly packed.

These were my roomies this year.

All finished.

Goodbye dorm life! Hello normal sleeping hours!

Sunday after graduation was Mother’s Day as well as my last Sunday at Woodlawn, so I decided to play a special music solo in honor of my mom. One of her (and dad’s) favorite songs is “People Need the Lord” so I played that before the sermon. I miss playing flute and am going to try and play some at Calvary this summer and it is mandatory that I find a community band to play with when we move.

This ends most of the pictures I have to put up. I could put up more but I liked these the best, hope you did too.

Now it’s time to go finish painting mom’s kitchen and the bathroom before all the guests arrive for the bridal shower at the end of the month. Maybe I’ll post some pictures of it after they’re done….or maybe not.

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