Pictures: Part One – The House

Here’s your first installment of pictures. These are the ones that I took of the apartment after I got everything set in its place. Can you find the Zipparumpazoo?

Can’t have a room without at least one bookcase, right?

Music and crafts…music and crafts…means so much more than they seem…ahem, sorry.

The newest purchase that we have made; it’s very very useful.

On top of the dresser all covered with cheese..I mean stuff. So nice to have a dresser, it’s not that clean.

We need another bookcase but I don’t know where we would put it.

The work area….and more books…did I mention that we both like to read?

I just couldn’t leave this spot blank…

In case you were wondering why that next installment hasn’t arrived….just kidding, he’s working on it.

We’re going with a Japanese influence for our furniture. How do you like our couch?

This is our dirty kitchen. It’s not my fault, Kyle said he’d clean it.

Look I found a use for the top…storage!

I like plants.

Do you like plants?

I also really like to cook…even if I don’t have people over to eat it. Tomorrow, however, I do get to cook for some people we met here in MA. I already made the finger salad and am making a lasagna tomorrow.

Honore is on KP.

I was having fun with the reflections in the mirror when I took this one.

Look, look! It’s a clean sink!

I have a fuzzy green toilette; I know you’re jealous.

We have lots of candles and soap….

and more soap and more soap….

That’s it for now. I’ll work on the next set soon.

10 thoughts on “Pictures: Part One – The House”

  1. Until such time as I have more than a 400 square foot cubby-hole in which to live, all figurines have been banished to storage. The tank is also in storage as it counts as “water furniture”…besides, where would I put it? We had to get a new entertainment center when you gave us the TV, and we gave the old one to the Mackeys in NC. Kyle is playing metroid prime II; I don’t know where he got it.


  2. I like Kyle peeking at you out of the bedroom. It looks like you both accomplished a lot of work. From what I saw in the truck, I bet you had some hard discussions on what to keep and what to not have in your living space. I think the place looks great and hope you have many blessing there.


  3. Now, I feel bad — I saw the books but didn’t see the boy — I’m no better than Professor Wormbog. [although I think he bore a stronger resemblance to where’s waldo without the hat]


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