Slippery Slope

One of the things that we discussed in my CORE410 Ethics Course at Queens was the subject of euthanasia. I personally think that it’s a form of playing creator when you decide when to die under the guise of escaping suffering. I’m not Buddhist, I don’t think that suffering is the greatest evil. I also think that euthanasia, or physician assisted suicide, is utterly reprehensible and completely against the Hippocratic Oath. I don’t even want to see the convoluted loops that the physicians that support (and perform in places like Oregon and many European Countries) this type of “therapy” put their minds through. This article, however, takes the cake. Most ethical decisions have something called a “slippery slope” where one decision leads to the next in a continuing slide downward from the original decision and circumstances surrounding it. In my opinion, these “doctors” are pretty close to rock bottom.

Author: KB French

Formerly many things, including theology student, mime, jr. high Latin teacher, and Army logistics officer. Currently in the National Guard, and employed as a civilian... somewhere

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