Foot in Mouth Disease

I received an email from the American Family Association today that I thought I would share with all of you. It made me mad:

> Washington State Democratic Party Pulls Offensive Anti-Christian Sticker

> Dear Valerie,

> To the right is the picture of a metallic car sticker which was being offered by the Washington State Democratic Party on their official web site.

> The sticker is of the Christian fish symbol and cross emblazoned with the word “hypocrite” on a background of hellish flames.

> As soon as it became public knowledge that the sticker was being offered on their site, they immediately removed it. However, at no time was there an apology offered.

Here’s the picture:

foot in mouth disease

I sended a letter and if you want to send one too you can go here.

Author: KB French

Formerly many things, including theology student, mime, jr. high Latin teacher, and Army logistics officer. Currently in the National Guard, and employed as a civilian... somewhere

6 thoughts on “Foot in Mouth Disease”

  1. I think I would be even more offended if I was Democrat and Christian. They do realize some people do fit into that category, right? As oxymoronic as it seems at times..


  2. I think it would make me a lot more upset if I were a democrat. I have some family who are Christian democrats; we don’t see eye to eye on policy all the time, but I have no doubt that they are followers of Christ. It just amazes me how any group could say such a blanket statment without thinking of A) thier constituencies and B) the repercussions of their words.


  3. I cannot read the writing in the bottom of the fish. It sounds a lot like the urban legends that keep popping up to increase the Christian hatred. It is embarrassing that we who worship love and light react and follow quickly hate and dark. Lets say a pastor was preparing a series on sins that kill churches. He wanted a visual aide, he might make a diagram like the one presented. In this sense the diagram would be insightful, instructive and help the church. In the context presented the diagram is not seen that way. One may say it insights hate but it is the context of the diagram that causes the trouble not the diagram. It is clear that the one who put that diagram in that context hates and wants to perpetuate hate. I want to break that context. Hypocrisy is a common sin of Christians and non-Christians. Hypocrisy can kill a Christian church; however love and grace can over come hypocrisy and save a church. The Lord is the source of grace and shows us how to love. I am going to keep the diagram as a reminder for me.


  4. What a disagreeable Sat. morning. I did some research and while I can not confirm that it was posted on the Washington democratic party website I suspect it was. I did find out who I think origionaly came up with the magnet, a, the text I could not make out is (c) 2004 Reefer Magnets. I saw alot of negitive, polarizing, hatefull political oppinions, button and bumper stickers during my research. I strive to be a man that loves to love but today I am more a man who hates to hate. What I experienced was Democrates hating Republicans, Republicans hating Democrates and everyone making money and political gain off the hatred.


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