Request for Help

I have one (1) month in which to write a 7-page church history paper on an individual who lived after 1500 AD.  There are no real requirements, other than that I have to reference at least one biography of the person and read at least one major work by the person.  And I’m stumped.

I really wanted to find somebody in the 20th century to focus on, preferrably within the charismatic tradition (you have to admit that’d be fun to write about), but I’m having some trouble finding somebody that will work.  Because I have only a month, I have to find a person who is well-known enough that I can get all the materials I need from my school’s library.  I just don’t have the time to  John Alexander Dowie was my first choice, and John Wimber was my second.  For Dowie, I couldn’t find anything by, and for Wimber, I couldn’t find anything about.  Can anybody offer a suggestion?

If I find I’m unable to do the 20th century, I’ll have to fall back to somebody “normal,” like John Calvin, or Jonathan Edwards, or even John Wesley.  (Heaven help me find a notable Christian of history with a name like Bill…)

Author: KB French

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10 thoughts on “Request for Help”

  1. What about John G Lake?

    He’s was associated with Dowdie I think. There are books by him and about him + Cal Pierce has reopened his healing rooms [I heard Paul Keith Davis tell a cool story about Cal Pierce seeing an angel that had been guarding the room in Seattle for 40 years]


  2. Mom – The trick is getting those books, reading them, and writing my paper by March 8.

    Other Mom – Not dead yet, but definitely big enough that I can probably find them in the library.

    I’m looking for that sweet spot though – obscure, yet easy to research… 🙂


  3. How about the ever controversial “Bill” Gothard?

    Two books have been written about him :

    Plus there are numerous published articles about him.

    Books by Gothard are harder to come by. Most are meant for those who are part of his organization. But, he’s published a few for public consumption. Such as :

    Hope you find what you’re looking for!


  4. They don’t *have* to be dead. It’s just nice for me, in terms of a complete biography.
    My professor recommended Karl Barth. He’s German, so most Americans haven’t heard of him, but he is pretty much the premier 20th century theologian.

    His theology book is also something like 50 volumes. 😦


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