No Rest for the Weary

Hello, I figured it was about time for me to write another update and give you all a dose of non-high thinky things.

Last Wednesday was the end of my spring semester and today (the following Tuesday) is my first day of summer classes. Not much of a break in between semesters, which I have been really noticing for the last couple of days. The torrential rains we’ve been getting for the past four or five days hasn’t helped any because we can’t really get outside so I can relax a bit. Four hundred square feet is not enough to adequately relax in and I don’t seem to want to nap either. At least I did well gradewise for the spring semester; I got an A, two A-‘s and a B+. I hope I do just as well with this summer class.

We did take a short trip up to Maine the day after my classes were done. I hadn’t ever been to Maine and decided that since we were so close and that we probably would not get up this way again after Kyle graduate, it would be a good time to explore a bit. We drove up 1A along the coast. We were traveling on the day that the rain started and the ocean was just starting to get it’s storm surge up. We drove up through Portsmoth, NH into Kittery and York, ME. We didn’t get very far and basically just walked around some of the outlet shops in Kittery and ate lunch at Stonewall Kitchen. Stonewall Kitchen has some delicious preserves, jams, jellies, scone mixes and a whole lot of other stuff. They had free samples set out all over their store section and Kyle and I helped ourselves to a lovely desert. It was a lot of fun except for all the rain; I wish it had been prettier so that I could have taken some nice pictures.

I was supposed to have a visit with my internship site supervisor yesterday, but MA is currently under a state of emergency because of the flooding in the northeast area where we live, which means that the local Department of Public Health is up to their eyeballs with work. We have rivers, dams, ponds and salt water marshes flooding all over the place. The main entrance to Magnolia is one of the streets that is completely blocked off due to flooding. The church basement is also flooded pretty badly and we will probably have to get rid of the carpeting. Some of the other members at PCC also have flooded basements and have been bailing out since the weekend. We’re supposed to get more rain today but hopefully it will abate sometime tomorrow or the next day. Then the real cleanup will begin.

My meeting that I was supposed to have yesterday has been moved to tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully, it won’t be canceled as well. We’re meeting to discuss what kinds of projects are available for me to work on for my practicum/internship. I’m really excited and was a bit disappointed that the meeting was canceled yesterday.

I think that’s it for now…I’ll try to think of some stuff later.

Author: KB French

Formerly many things, including theology student, mime, jr. high Latin teacher, and Army logistics officer. Currently in the National Guard, and employed as a civilian... somewhere

One thought on “No Rest for the Weary”

  1. Was wondering if you two had rented a canoe yet—the pictures look to be pretty bad. I’m guessing those beach structures with stilts work out pretty well at times like these.

    I’d love to visit Maine too—Nic and I might drive up there this summer, if you’re not still underwater. 😛


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