Time Change

My CMA pastor friend from Gordon-Conwell is telling his troubles with Daylight Savings Time this weekend:

[I] woke up with a start at (what I thought was) 4:00 a.m. “I forgot to reset the clocks!” I breathed. I reset my watch and alarm clock, depressed to note that I now had to wake up in less than an hour. Sigh.

At church Sunday morning, I was exhausted, and so was the congregation. I had a good sermon that I could barely get through, and seeing all the sleepy eyes was no help.

I had something of an inverse experience: We had bought a new clock after Christmas, and I remembered something about it being able to keep track of Daylight Savings. But people had been telling us for over a week how things were all messed up this year because Congress had moved the dates for daylight savings time and that all automatically updating clocks would be all messed up (my laptop is still wrong). So we set the bedroom clock forward an hour, but I left the alarm off. Instead, I set an alarm on my phone, hoping that at least the phone would properly update, since phones re-sync whenever you replace the battery.

Suddenly, I awoke to what sounded like the ringing of an old Bell phone, and desperately ran to answer my phone. As I realized that it was just the alarm, I looked up at our bedroom clock to see that it was 8:00. The phone hadn’t updated! With only half an hour left to get ready and still get to church on time, I hurried to the shower. Only after I had turned the water off did Valerie inform me that every other clock in the house (the unadjusted ones) said that it was only just after 6:00.

Our bedroom phone had been moved forward twice: once by me as we were going to bed, and once by itself, at 2:00, as scheduled. Everything else was normal, though my wife was given some extra entertainment by observing the fastest shower her husband has ever taken: a laggardly 15 minutes.

Author: KB French

Formerly many things, including theology student, mime, jr. high Latin teacher, and Army logistics officer. Currently in the National Guard, and employed as a civilian... somewhere

4 thoughts on “Time Change”

  1. Kyle, I feel your pain. We bought one of those self-adjusting alarm clocks a couple of years ago. While we adjusted ahead Sat. nite we had to put a reminder on that I will self-adjust forward another hour the first Sun.. in April. We’ll have to try and remember that it will adjust back the last Sun. in October. Arggh!


  2. I have to officially protest. I had just taken an even shorter shower before my huband and was both irritated and amused at finding that I had much more time than I thought I did (although seeing Kyle take a shower less than 20 or 30 minutes was miraculous).


  3. We knew we would lose an hour Sunday morning. So knowing we would lose an hour by legislation we chose to lose another hour by choice and purposely stayed up an extra hour to finish watching a movie! It was so exhilirating to know that we had “beat” the system (not)!


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