Pneumasphere Review

[Rich Tatum](, formerly a web designer at Christianity Today, has a penchant for organizing things. And being a Pentecostal blogger, he’s been organizing the “pneumasphere” for a while now, and providing a valuable service in the process. He’s got the most comprehensive list of quality charismatic bloggers available, and [any number of tools]( to filter through them. Most recently, he’s come up with a list of the [top 20 most influential pneumabloggers](, based on [Technorati]( rankings. No, I’m not in the top 20. But I was shocked to discover that I didn’t even *recognize* most of the people who are.

So I scanned through some of them, and found some interesting posts I thought I’d share:

**[The Gospel is Their Home](**
Rob Wilkerson on Theology and Experience

**[One More Added to the Kingdom](**
A story of the Holy Spirit working in a way that I really miss.

**[Dramatic Drop in Murder after Prayer](**
In July of last year, the Christian Defense Coalition held a 24-hour prayer meeting in Washington, DC. Six months later, the murder rate is down 27%. Coincidence?

**[God of Bartlets](**

If a human author wrote a book explaining, perhaps, his life, and then I were to call up this author and want to talk further with him about what he wrote, I would think it very bizarre if the author only answered me with quotes from his book,
never saying anything else, but finding little snippets to reply to me from the
published work. It would be very awkward and not very personal. I would wonder
about the author and how much he really wanted to interact with me.

I remember when some Russian believers emigrated to our neighborhood
from the old Soviet Union where they were persecuted. We “adopted” them but
when we first met we had no means of communicating with each other. The only way we figured out to communicate was to use each other’s bibles (theirs in Russian and ours in English) to point out our general intents and feelings. It was well-meaning, but limited. (We put a scripture citation on their birthday cake and they read it and cried!)

Author: KB French

Formerly many things, including theology student, mime, jr. high Latin teacher, and Army logistics officer. Currently in the National Guard, and employed as a civilian... somewhere

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