Morning Links

Good morning. Long time, no links, so there are a lot today.

  1. Chewbacca: High school photo.
  2. How to drive a long distance, with bonus points for Dirk Pitt and the pumice stone of gold…
  3. College campus signs
  4. Ponzi Scheme. Well, except for that whole thing where your payment ends.
  5. What is it with Grove City all the time? Somebody forgot to get the memo to me that it was such a Christian college.
  6. An embarrassment: “Red” china believes in Free trade, but America doesn’t? Next we’ll have Italy recommending free elections to us.
  7. More abortions in Pre-civil war days?
  8. Excellent suggestions for saving Narnia. On that same note, this guy has impeccable cred.
  9. A T-shirt I love.
  10. Dastardly!
  11. Muslim opinion of Christians still high.
  12. Exegesis = Hard work, then commentaries. I’m not so sure.
    “Exegesis” is a fancy word for “reading.” If I were conversant in Greek and Hebrew like the Apostle Paul, there wouldn’t be any “hard work” process of exegesis. On the other hand, the tricksy part of interpretation comes in making the connections between the little piece of text that you’re looking at to the rest of the Bible, to the original audience, through the lens of the cross, to the modern audience, on to implications and applications. That falls under the heading of “knowing what you’re talking about.” Knowing what you’re talking bout comes from being well-read (and of course, well led). In which case, I would really recommend even studying the commentary before studying the specific text of scripture – about two years before.
  13. Flash fiction. Excellently done, but eww…
  14. N.D. Wilson’s book tour schedule. I haven’t actually read any of his books yet, but I’m really starting to like him. Who else would accidentally lead with a quote?
  15. Mark Twain on books writing themselves. I relate.
  16. Under-the-radar book burning. Some Explanations (but not debunking) from
  17. Misconceptions on efficiency and unemployment. Another example of the Parable of the Broken Window.
  18. How to win at Monopoly without losing a friend. It cannot be done.
  19. Pirate! (I knew it too)
  20. Beards!
  21. With tricks like these… boy I wish I owned a house right now.
  22. Summa Elvetica. Great title.
  23. The problem of Everything. (and you thought theodicists had it hard). Also: the great evils committed by nobody in particular.
  24. On the abduction of scientists, which I thought involved aliens, but apparently not.
  25. On the state of nature. Actually, I’ve been thinking about this one. So nobody’s actually born into a state of nature. But that actually feeds into Hobbes’ point. A state of nature is bad. So why do you want to get “back” to it?
  26. District heating causes power plant efficiency to increase by 30% or more. But we don’t use it, mostly because of the NIMBY effect.
  27. Hospital quality: we don’t care. But hey, I’ve been avoiding hospitals since 1987, so I really don’t care!
  28. The Bra Dryer. I don’t know really that I would want this think lying around the house.
  29. Church takes position on two elements, considering others.
  30. Scary picture at the bottom.
  31. Art
  32. Thabiti Anyabwile, a pastor with a true man’s hobbies. Plus he’s in Grand Cayman.
  33. I’m not all that up-to-date on all things Baptist, but this appears to be a positive trend.
  34. LOL Saints! And another. Ehh, one more.
  35. Worst Best Man Ever. Actually, I don’t think it was his fault – I mean, who says their vows on a diving board anyway?
  36. Caught!
  37. The decline of revolutionary Iran. Very sad, actually.
  38. Does this count as vandalism?
  39. I think I worked for this company once.
  40. Trash talk for the gospel. Note the lack of participation by Al Mohler
  41. How do you survive an economic meltdown? Apparently the answer is – make no changes.
  42. Cave man in danger of forclosure. True story. Ah, but Missouri really has the best caves. It’s like a 68,000 square mile Swiss cheese made of limestone.
  43. From Paul – Didn’t I tell you? An excellent essay on tongues, though I’m not quite sure I agree with the, ah, exegesis at the end.
  44. Radical changes = Bad. Amen on all points! The odd thing is that I’ve heard Obama billed as a “gradualist.”
  45. Pretty Family Tree – King David’s
  46. I’m already embarrassed.
  47. Oh. That’s how you use a census to rig an election

Sorry for the long list. I promise not to say anything more until tomorrow.

Author: KB French

Formerly many things, including theology student, mime, jr. high Latin teacher, and Army logistics officer. Currently in the National Guard, and employed as a civilian... somewhere

3 thoughts on “Morning Links”

  1. Re: #25

    No. Because Hobbes claims the state must protect us from the bad state of nature that will otherwise obtain. But if we take things like basic protections and order in a familial structure to be something other than the state, then “nature” isn’t so bad nor is the state providing as much as it claims.


  2. You may have an advantage over me. I haven’t gotten around to reading Hobbes, so all I’ve got is what I remember from excerpts.

    On the other hand, I’ve been reading up on 13th century Italian city-states, which strike me as something much closer to Hobbes’ hypothetical “state of nature” than we have now. Another example might be the archetypal American “wild” west. In either case, I think we don’t want it.


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