Need Career Advice

God’s purposes will ripen fast
Unfolding every hour
The bud may have a bitter taste
But sweet will be the flower!

The house fell through. That’s the first thing you need to know. The second thing is that we’re going to have another baby.

When Gideon was confronted by an angel with the task of throwing out the Midianites, he asked for a turn of Providence to make his path clear: He’d throw out a lamb fleece with a challenge: one night, make the the dew fall on the fleece, but leave the ground dry. The second night, make the ground all dewy, and the fleece dry. There’s been a lot said lately against the use of “fleeces” in determining the will of God, but I find that, understood correctly, a fleece can be a very useful thing. In Gideon’s case, attacking the Midianites would have been a very, very foolish thing – apart from a miracle of God. So asking for a little token miracle in advance seems quite reasonable. Of course, most of us aren’t putting our necks on the line for a miracle, so asking for a sign on the same order of the miraculous would be a little presumptuous.

But what’s wrong with taking a few hints from Providence? For instance, if God makes a path clear for you to buy a house, it seems reasonable to conclude that you ought to live there for a year or two. In fact, only sheer bullheadedness would make you even consider taking up a chance to move. On the other hand, not buying a house… makes mobility more of an option. So it is clearly possible by a house to be fleeced.

As I was saying, the house fell through. The FHA inspector required new paint and new flooring for approval, and we required some evidence of a foundation. The seller agreed to the paint and floors, balked on the foundation, and asked for a deadline extension to run the numbers. A week or so later, the very day I was considering calling it off because I was so tired of the whole thing, I got a call from my realtor. The seller had killed the deal. No more options; no more negotiations; off. It turns out that new paint and flooring was going to cost $10 thousand. Add that to a possible $15 thousand for foundation work… $80 thousand house…. a no-strings auction starts to look pretty good.

And no hard feelings for us – two weeks later, we’re signing applications for an apartment. Move in date: mid-October; $620 rent; minimum 7 month lease. Simple and blessedly straightforward.

Except of course, it isn’t. Or maybe it could be, but I need careful counsel.

Five years ago, when I asked my wife to marry me, there were several certain understandings. The first was that we wouldn’t marry until she graduated. The second was that she intended to pursue a career in medicine. The third was that, if ever she should change her mind and wish to be a homebound heroine, I would move heaven and earth to make it so. If she only wished it, her children would never go to school.

And so we waited to get married, and once married she pursued career, and here we are at the third point. My wife has a good job, with salary, and benefits, and hopes of advancement, and many, many after-hours commitments. Two weeks running, she put in 45 hours plus. Last week she did 40 by taking half a day on Friday. In 8 months or so, she’s having a baby. My heroine wants to come home.

On the other side of this silver dollar, I’m earning exactly the same as what I was 10 years ago. I have sworn to move earth and heaven and bring my baby home, but methinks I need a longer lever, and a better place to stand.

I’ve been being very pithy up to now, in order to convey a lot of information quickly, memorably, and lightly. I could just as well have laid out our situation in such a way that made it seem very dire indeed. But I have faith in the providence of God to care and provide for whom he has chosen. I’ve seen that providence working my whole life. But it’s beginning to feel as though we are being deliberately hedged in by Providence to make choices that we would never have before considered.

To keep our school obligations current, we need a little less than $1000 every month. Making that payment, via the strange mechanism of tithe, childcare, housing, food, car repair, gas, etc., comes to a needed income of about $50 thousand every year. On a two-income lifestyle, we have the additional advantage of seeing our son at least 2 hours a day during the week. And as our family gets bigger (necessitating a higher day-care cost), Valerie’s job extends later into the day, essentially requiring our children to be raised by relatives and strangers.

All this makes the “nuclear option” look increasingly attractive. Currently my salary amounts to $22K per year. We need around $50K (!) to get by. 2009 Monthly base pay for a full-time army officer, sitting on the lowest rung of the pay scale, is $2655.30. The monthly housing allowance for said officer, residing at Fort Bragg, NC, comes to $1110.00. Yearly, that’s just over $45K. Subtract the cost of day care, the cost of car upkeep…

In other words, by pursuing a full-time army career, in nine months I could be supporting my family. On earth as it is in heaven…

Tipping the other side of the scale, we have been profoundly blessed by our church in Knoxville. The friendships and the pastoral care that we have received here have been far beyond the normal run. I know there are wonderful churches everywhere, but finding a truly great church is something on the order of finding a wife, and I’m loathe to pull my wife and children out of an environment where I can clearly see the long-term benefits of staying in the lives of other folks who’ve been here longer than we have. And yet… these numbers…!

Now time is running short for these kinds of decisions. We delayed while we waited for a decision on the house. But now, I’ve already signed up for Reserve Army enlistment; I have only until October to change that to Career Army Officer. Valerie will need to stay in town at least until the baby comes in April; we need to set the lease terms appropriately for her to move with me after that. I don’t think any actual lifestyle changes would happen before January, but the actual decision process needs to be measured in weeks, not months.

So – any advice? Is it better for us to stay for reasons of family and community and stability, slogging through this transition while whittling away at debt, changing careers as we can, or is the narrowing canyon sensation that we’re experiencing actually the hand of God, leading us in a way that otherwise we would not go?

Author: KB French

Formerly many things, including theology student, mime, jr. high Latin teacher, and Army logistics officer. Currently in the National Guard, and employed as a civilian... somewhere

5 thoughts on “Need Career Advice”

  1. You already know my stock answer [James 1:5] I mention it again because all the arguments pro and con are just that…arguments pro and con…and none will matter once you “know”.

    So, while I can’t [or won’t] say go this way or go that; I will remind you of some things you already know.

    Direction comes with motion — [i.e. you can’t pick up your car and turn it around but you can start it up and even Valerie — even David — can guide that car with one finger once it’s moving] This you’ve alrady been doing.

    You started down the road toward a house and permanent residence in Knoxville. That came to a dead end [sort of like Paul’s trip to Asia] Does that mean GI-Joe is a man from Macedonia saying, “Come help us”? I don’t know but I suspect God wants as many godly men in the army as in any other occupation.

    Next is “follow the peace”: Colossians 3:15 in the Amplified Bible reads “And let the peace from Christ rule (act as an umpire continually) in your hearts [deciding and settling w/finality all questions that arise in your minds, in that peaceful state] to which as [members of Christ’s] one body you were called [to live].”

    To get to that “peaceful state” Philippians 4:6-7 says, “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”

    I believe if you keep doing what you know to do as per Philippians 4:6-7, a “knowing” will come as to which path you are supposed to be walking down and with the knowing will come peace acting as an umpire over your decision.

    I do have one other suggestion. I don’t like to try to second-guess God and I know it is possible to “pro or con” your way into any decision so when I have believed I have heard from God, I have tried to always have my answer be yes. But sometimes the conversation would go like this: “My answer to You is yes, but, if I’ve made a mistake and this isn’t what You’re wanting, would you please, shut this door” — because what He opens no man and shut and what He shuts, no man can open.

    I’m also narrow-minded and fanatical enough to believe that if in our sincerity of heart we make an honest mistake, it is not a very big thing for Him to take the path we’ve chosen and wind it around to where He was meaning to take us all along. The only real issue is the attitude of willing obedience. It’s of higher worth to Him than sacrifice and I believe He will always bless it.

    And one last bit of me sticking in my oar:

    Psalm 91 14-16

    “Because he loves me”, sayd the Lord, “I will resuce Him
    I will protect because he acknowledges my name.
    He will call upon me and I will answer him
    I will be with him in trouble
    I will deliver him and honor him
    With long life will I satisfy him
    And show him my salvation.


  2. and one little addendum. In the book When the Pieces Don’t Fit, God Still Holds the Answer, Glaphre’ tells about following God in an adventure of faith; leaving home with a VW full of Bibles and nothing else but the desire to be obedient. She said she was never more than 98% certain it was God directing her. And that’s something to keep in mind. That because we’re human even when we “know” there may still be that little question mark. It doesn’t mean that it’s not God. But, she also said this, “I knew I would rather obey and be wrong, than disobey and be wrong”


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