Ten weeks and two days until KB leaves for approximately six months. He will have nine weeks of basic training followed by twelve weeks of officer’s training down in Ft. Benning, GA.

We also have eleven weeks and three days until the expected arrival of our newest addition to the family. Seeing as stress levels are going to continue to mount between now and then (especially since I can have up to twenty children on my case load), I would not be surprised if these two countdowns actually end up being closer together than they are.

I will have between eight and ten weeks of paid leave available after Peanut arrives, which Lord willing, will get us through KB being in basic training and into Officer’s Candidacy School. My job at the Department will be held for a total of four months once I go on maternity leave. They will run out all of my accrued paid leave first and then it will go into unpaid leave. Basically I will have until August to make a decision about whether or not I will have to go back to work before moving to a base with KB.

Quite frankly put, the idea of going back to DCS after I have baby #2 (sans husband) is a bit mind numbing in many respects. I’m not afraid per se, but I don’t do well with so many open ended what ifs. I’m detail oriented to the point that it can sometimes just make me feel very, very exhausted to realize that there are only two things that I really know at this point: (1) my husband leaves April 19th and (2) I will have to take care of two children under the age of three shortly thereafter.

Several unknowns include:
1. How long we need to extend our rental lease, which currently ends in April.
2. If we decided to have me move with the boys and put our things in storage again, where we will go and when.
3. When the boys and I be able to move to a base.
4. If it becomes necessary to go back to work, how will day care affect the costs of our new budget.
5. In the event I go back to work, I would have to be a mother for my two children as well as up to twenty other children and their parents.

Please pray for us and for me in particular. We have a lot of decisions to make yet again and time is ticking by faster that I want it to.

Author: KB French

Formerly many things, including theology student, mime, jr. high Latin teacher, and Army logistics officer. Currently in the National Guard, and employed as a civilian... somewhere

2 thoughts on “Tick…tick…tick….”

  1. Hello Mrs. French.

    I need a copy of Kyle’s military orders and his School or Training Orders that will follow Bootcamp so that I can freeze both his time and payments while he is away. Please fax them to 865-602-2602 or scan them to an email at billingdept@courtsouthbilling.com.

    I would like to have these as soon as possible since he has already left.
    You may call me at 865-602-2601 with any questions. I will also try to reach you via the phone numbers I have on file.

    Yours in Health,

    Christy Harris
    Court South
    Billing Dept


  2. Wow! Kudos on responsiveness for Court South. We did get my orders to Court South and our payments are currently frozen. I thought I’d post the follow-up so everyone could see customer service at work.


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