Below the Radar

Having rested a bit, I’m ready again to write.

Folks have probably noticed I haven’t written anything in this blog in nearly half a year, and there’s a good reason for that: I’ve been away in the Army. I’ve actually had internet access a good part of that time, but I’ve always had a hard time writing when I haven’t had any time to think. Basic Training and Army OCS are hardly hardly good times to collect y our thoughts.

But now I’ve got a bit of time: my next school starts in February, and the jobs I’m going to get in the mean time are supposed to be low-impact leave-your-work-on-the-desk sorts of jobs. We’ll see. The man told me Monday I’d probably be doing something with a Transportation AIT company.

Since it’s been so long and I’ve had so many changes since I wrote last, I thought I’d take a moment and re-calibrate. You might be thinking, When he was in seminary he wrote about theology; now he’s a soldier, he’ll write about the army. You would be mistaken.

First of all, six months a soldier makes, but not a very wise one. I really don’t have a clue about the army. Second of all, war is politics by other means. At OCS, we were strongly encouraged not to blog at all. Everything I could say about the army has political ramifications I’m not allowed to pursue – a soldier tries to stay out of political concerns, because he wants to please his commander. There are also operational security concerns – If I tell you I’ve been stationed at Falujah and on such and such a date we’ll be doing x activity, well, the enemy can search the Internets too.

But I love to write, and I love to share what I write. And I think I know how. The only way I can continue blogging and stay “below the radar” is if I write about something so innocuous, so innocent, that it couldn’t possibly have any effect on anything. In other words, I plan to continue writing about religion.

Possibly there may be some literature and philosophy, some thoughts on education and child-rearing. But as always, there will be nearly nothing about “what I’m doing right now” and all of nothing about what’s going on with the army. A war correspondent I am not.

The name of the site is “Neumatikos,” which means “spiritual,” and I intend to write about spiritual things.

Author: KB French

Formerly many things, including theology student, mime, jr. high Latin teacher, and Army logistics officer. Currently in the National Guard, and employed as a civilian... somewhere

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