Some links for your perusal.

* First, a friendly reminder not to believe every rumor you hear. There are plenty of rumor checking sites for you to use to double check whenever you hear something unbelievable. Snopes is my favorite, since I can always remember the name. The most recent one I heard is the Starbucks military non-support rumor, which can be disproven here.
* Global distribution of world GDP, illustrated: “How a minor British colony became a world economic superpower with free market capitalism.” That, and also with 3.7 million square miles of undeveloped prime real estate, with no competition or major military threats.
* Husband and Wife, the foundation of gender diversity.

  • Why you should consider cancelling your short term missions.

    This has been a concern of mine for several years. In a lot of ways, most short-term mission trips could be replaced with Christian vacations, with an increase in the actual long-term spiritual good being done. Instead of a traditional mission trip to Guatemala, why not take a vacation in Guatemala, where you rent a house near a local church and participate in normal church life with them? Instead of building a school for someone, why not hire an underemployed church member to give you a tour of the community, introducing you to key people, who can teach you how to pray for their church? Schedule your vacation to coincide with the local church’s annual conference, pay full price for everything, try to form real friendships, and don’t think too highly of yourself.

  • * Eternal Generation of the Son of God. I balk at the original objection – Who says monogenes doesn’t mean only-begotten? Etymologically, that’s exactly what it means. Of course, by extension, only-begotten must mean unique, but you can’t use one to cancel out the other. That’s not how language works.
    * Greg Mankiw pours hot coals. Sometimes, I suspect he may be a Christian.
    * An Allen Levi update. Excellent.
    * Honoring God in an Unequally Yoked Marriage
    * Peace through confusingly similar flags.

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