The Better Part of Worship

I want to push back just for a minute on the idea that all of life is worship. All of life could be worship, but saying it don’t make it so.  Like love, worship has components.  The two components of love are loyalty and affection, and a shortage in one can’t be shored up by a surplus in the other.  I think you can say that the two components of worship are adoration and obedience.  But it feels as though, when people say that worship is all of life, that they mean the most important part of worship is the obedience.  But a “surplus” of obedience can’t make up for a shortage of adoration.  Martha was of the “all of life is worship” party.  Jesus told her that Mary had chosen the better part.

There are lots of reasons why we should be obedient to God in every area of our lives, and every part of our lives should be worthy to be offered up to him as a fragrant incense. Everything should be done to the glory of God, but remember that he is already glorious, and not one thing we do can add to the glory that is him. He is altogether worthy of our adoration, and without that adoration, obedience is rather worthless.

Author: KB French

Formerly many things, including theology student, mime, jr. high Latin teacher, and Army logistics officer. Currently in the National Guard, and employed as a civilian... somewhere

3 thoughts on “The Better Part of Worship”

  1. I believe that the bible already provides the total requirement for mankind. It can be found in the book of Ecclesiastes in the last chapter. Solomon stated under inspiration that the whole obligation to man towards God is:

    1. Fear (respectful) God, and
    2. Keep his commandments

    No need to create something when it is already covered.


  2. Thanks, Steven. I wasn’t thinking of that scripture in particular, but it does cover what I was talking about here. My point was that both parts go together, and that it’s appropriate to keep the aspect of awe before the aspect of obedience.

    But what do you mean about creating something?


  3. As I was reading your statements, it felt like you were being philosophical. It was not clear to me what you were stating since the bible already covered your subject. Thanks for the clarity.

    BTW, my next statements will be contradictory to your last statement on obedience. It is not as if you have stated something wrong but that it is best to stay inline with the scriptures rather than venture out on our own. In my study of the scriptures, Jehovah is pretty good of explaining and clarifying his words using all 66 books of his word. Consider these thoughts:

    1. Solomon stated the whole obligation to man is to fear God (respectful fear not morbid fear) and keep his commandments.

    2. Both requirements are based on accurate knowledge of God’s will and purpose. One cannot have an approved relationship with Jehovah without first knowing, understanding and applying his word in their lives.

    3. John 17:3 states the requirement to take in knowledge of Jehovah God (God) and of the one whom he sent Jesus Christ. Most people are not taking in accurate knowledge for a variety of reason. Hence, why there are so many religions and variations of worshiping the same God of the universe.

    4. But yet, many people have a form of worship as Paul told Timothy but they prove false to its power, meaning it’s not real to them as a way of life. It is just something they believe or do when it is convenient. There sacrifices or worship are in vein because they are not obedient to God according to accurate knowledge either by ignorance or deliberate actions. Either way, their disobedience leads to disrespecting Jehovah. Just like he made plain and clear to the Israelite as to what obedience meant, he has done the same by way of the bible. When the Israelite went astray, no matter how much they felt they were in the right, they suffered and angered Jehovah. So, the same is today. Many choose to worship God their own way. Others follow the path of least resistance.

    5. When King Saul was disobedient by not devoting all of the Amalekites to death including their live stock, he lost Jehovah’s favor. The Prophet Samuel told Saul the “obedience is better than a sacrifice”. This is a bible principle.

    6. Consider too, why Adam and Eve were expelled from the Garden, thus loosing God’s favor. It was disobedience. And why were the 10-tribes wiped out by the Assyrians? It was due to their repeated disobedience, despite all the warnings from the Prophets sent by Jehovah.

    So, we demonstrate our love and respect to and for Jehovah through our obedience to him. If we love him, we will be in harmony with his will and purpose by being obedient to his word according to accurate knowledge. Obedience based on accurate knowledge is the key and driver for an approved relationship with God and his son Jesus.

    Sorry for all the words. Was the only way I knew how to state my thoughts.


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