Ok. So we bought this house, and it has no flooring in the attic, and weird a/c ductwork. But it’s fine, we can work with that. Anyway, I’m upstairs, moving insulation around so I can see the boards I want to lay rough flooring on. And there is a random wire that keeps popping up. Like Indiana Jones, I carefully dust off the wire to see where it goes.

Where it goes is everywhere. it comes up from the outer wall, wraps over the main strut of the recessed ceiling, then dives through the insulation to wrap under the air duct and around the HVAC fan. it looks like somebody literally braided the wiring through the attic structures.

Apparently, when they built the house, they blew in the insulation first. Then they laid the electrical, telephone, and cable wires. And finally, they put in the ductwork. Who does that?

Incidentally, the phone line in question is the only one we use in the entire house.

Author: KB French

Formerly many things, including theology student, mime, jr. high Latin teacher, and Army logistics officer. Currently in the National Guard, and employed as a civilian... somewhere

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