The words of Lieutenant Lemuel, the utterance which his mother taught him:

  1. The two rivers that Hercules (our Christ) joined to clean the Aegean Stables of the church are the Spirit and the Word
  2. The Holy Spirit will pursue His children. Or, The Lord will not let go of His elect.
  3. Loving Jesus means loving His church, even if the church doesn’t love you.
  4. I am the appendix in the body of Christ. Nobody knows what I’m there for, but as long as I don’t cause any trouble, I can stay.
  5. It doesn’t matter if no one else is worshiping. Fix your eyes on the stained glass window at the back of the sanctuary, and worship anyway
  6. Being right is not as important as being obedient. Being right is not as valuable as building the church toward maturity.
  7. Sometimes it takes the right person to communicate a difficult truth.
  8. God’s kindness is not the best proof of His love; a lack of happy circumstances do not show a lack of God’s love.
  9. A single wicked thought is not a sin. We have an enemy who is actively seeking to incite wickedness.
  10. Incitement to rioting is not an excuse for rioting.
  11. Sometimes God’s providence is confusing because he needs you at a certain place & time for the sake of someone else.
  12. Everything stops to correct a bad attitude.
  13. Parenting is more important than eating, more important than sleep, more important than career, more important than appointments, more important than classes, more important than teams.
  14. Everything stops for parenting.
  15. She’s mean to you because she likes you.
  16. When you leave, it should be normal to hire three people to replace you.
  17. It doesn’t matter if you are not worthy to worship. He is worthy to be worshiped.
  18. A little poison in a bad book can ruin a child’s mind. It can only be remedied by a lot of really good books.
  19. Some things that sound fine in print are too vile to be said out loud.
  20. The task at hand may not be the test.
  21. We all sensor. The question is what we sensor.
  22. All laws legislate morality. You cannot legislate anything else.
  23. My goodness, what do they teach children in school these days?
  24. Dance with the grace God has given you.
  25. Never be afraid to ask the question.
  26. Stop asking questions. You’re scaring people.
  27. Always be ready to entertain a good argument.
  28. Some people cannot understand an argument they don’t already agree with.
  29. The Bible doesn’t say that; his grandmother says that.
  30. Prejudice is generational, but it can be corrected.
  31. Don’t act according to your instincts. Act according to your understanding.
  32. Anything worth saying is worth repeating.
  33. Repetition builds retention.
  34. Ignorance and prejudice are brain damage. They deserve your pity, not your wrath.
  35. The gospel has two wings: the Spirit and the word.

Author: KB French

Formerly many things, including theology student, mime, jr. high Latin teacher, and Army logistics officer. Currently in the National Guard, and employed as a civilian... somewhere

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