Solomon Song

I will rise up from my bed
dressed with myhrrs and aloes
I will seek my lover’s head
In the middle of the night

I will seek you in the streets
I will cry out for my lover
I will sing my song of longing
“Has anyone seen my brother?”

I will sleep lightly on my bed
waiting for the daylight’s warning
I will be ready for you when you come
For your mercies—find me—every—morning

Wild Eyed Man

I saw a wild eyed man
Chained between two posts
And his teeth were in his hair

As I walked by him
He screamed at me
He didn’t understand

On his left hand were two watchmen
On his right hand stood a chair
And then he stopped and looked at me
There were tears in his beard

“Why have they chained me?
What sin have I done?!
The table isn’t empty
But there is only room for one.”

The watchmen turned to me and said
“Sir we would set him free
But he will not let us near
A table has been prepared for him
Here you see the chair.

No one here has bound him
There is no physical restraint
But his own mind contains him
Self-condemnation makes him feint.”

I turned to the man again
And he roared at me!
“Do not come at me with your tormentations!
I will not hear your lies!”
Yet he did not try to fight me
When I looked into his eyes.

I put my hands up on his arms
(They passed right through the chains)
And as he shirked from me I said to him
“Sir, your chains are gone.”

What I was trying to say was…

My Uncle John put up a very interesting response to the last important post that I put up (no not the one about the snow). I realized that I had probably not completely made myself clear when I read his first line, “Your anger concerns me.” Oops. I did not mean to sound angry by any means, a little upset about a flaw I perceive about the medical system, but not angry. Instead of simply copying, pasting and responding to what Uncle John said, I decided to simply write a follow up in response to the issues he brought up. So here goes.

First, I would like to say that I do not want to reduce the amount of choices in medicine. On the contrary, I want to increase choices for everyone involved. Continue reading “What I was trying to say was…”