Singing is prayer

Here’s my conviction:  singing is prayer.  That’s the spiritual discipline that it is most like.  And in the church, music’s primary purpose is to connect right feeling with right prayers.  So, when you’re selecting songs to sing, the question you want to ask is if you want to pray a prayer of the people, or a prayer for the people.  Occasionally, it’s good to pray on behalf of the people, but most of the time, you want the people to pray.  So: you want the people to sing, and to do that, you need songs that can be sung by the congregation: not too complicated, or too far out of most people’s range.

How like speaking in tongues is a good worship song that nobody can sing:  Is it doctrinal, rich, thick, beautiful?  Good!  But if the people cannot sing it, where is the amen?

Songs beginning with “She”

Currently on my computer:

  • She Opened The Door
  • She Moved Thru’ The Fair
  • She Loves You
  • She Knows Why
  • She Found Jesus Alive
  • She Drives Me Crazy
  • She Came In Through The Bathroom Window
  • She Blinded Me With Science

There’s got to be a way to turn this into a movie…

(as a bonus, the next song on the list is “Shawty come back”)

New favorite love song

I’ve been looking for a song to sing that doesn’t talk about my girl’s brown eyes. I think I found one:

When the last sole flicker of the sun goes down
And they turn the lights on all over town
That’s when you see me walkin’ Broad and Main
I’m gonna see my sugar coated baby

I’m just like a kitten, playin’ with a string
When I’m a-holdin’ that pretty little thing
She’s as sweet as honey all the way around
And she’s sugar coated all the way down

Well I’m drownin’ myself in her eyes of blue
‘Cause each and every kiss is just like brand new
I bet when you find me I’ll be nestled in her arms
Havin’ myself a-lost a week in her charms

Well her love I get for nothing, it don’t come on the cuff
It comes from her heart and I never get enough
She kisses me it’s like a drink of wine
It warms me all over just to know that she’s mine

It’s a Lovely Day Tomorrow

The front page of your paper is bound to make you sad
Especially if you’re the worrying sort
So turn the front page over where the news is not so bad
There’s consolation in the weather report

It’s a lovely day tomorrow
Tomorrow is a lovely day
Come and feast your tear dimmed eyes
On tomorrow’s clear blue skies

If today your heart is weary
If ev’ry little thing looks gray
Just forget your troubles and learn to say
[Tomorrow is a lovely day](

(Iriving Berlin)

You Never Leave Me Alone

I see you’re into me
Like a Mozart’s into music
Like a Rembrandt’s into painting
Like a baby’s into being
Being alive

I see you’re into me
Like I should be into you
But I just can’t seem to get my heart around
…Turn my heart around

I see you’re chasing me
Like an comet chasing starlight
Like a clock that’s chasing moments
Like a cloud that’s chasing rain
On a sunny day.

You paste me up like sunshine
Like a cloud that’s chasing rain
You just don’t seem to ever let me down
…Don’t let me down

How many broken bones have you found this way?
How many undertones have you brushed away?
Is there anything left in me that you haven’t changed?
It doesn’t matter, anyway—
You never leave me alone.

I see you’ve got me now
Like a ring around my finger
Like a rope around my neck
Like a chain around my arms
As you lead me home

You’ve captured me for good
I can see it in your eyes
“I’ve finally got you where I want you now”
…I want you now.

How many broken bones have you found this way?
How many undertones have you brushed away?
Is there anything left in me that you haven’t changed?
It doesn’t matter, anyway—
You never leave me alone.


I know I have a home in Zion
A land where milk and honey flow
A place where all my dreams and desires
Will fade before the One I know

His glory shines above the highest mountaintops
His patience bears me far beyond my schemes
His love resounds when I am lost and wandering
His grace is far too much for me

And yet somehow, when all the past is gone
When all my brokenness is burned away
When all the crimes of humanness have flown
He still retains the core of me.

I have a home where flowers never fall away
Where birds have yet to fail to sing
Where peace and rest are never far away
And where the One who knows me best returns
To put to rest my best attempts to be.

UPDATE: You know how really good music can do amazing things with mediocre lyrics? Yeah. When I wrote this song, I had the most amazing jazz melody going on with it. It was great. So great, in fact, I didn’t really notice that the lyrics were only so-so. Now, a couple hours later, I’ve completely forgotten the melody and all I have left is the lyrics. What’s more, every time I try to reconstruct the melody from what I remember, it comes out really hick/country sounding.

This song is now totally ruined for me. I hope somebody else gets something out of it.

UPDATE AGAIN: I rememberd my cool melody. Song is better now. I don’t know if I’ll ever recover from my disillusionment, though.

I’ve Got to Know

I’ve got to know
What this life is for
And if you can tell me
What this life is for
Then it’s yours

And I know that when I hear
The whisperings of the breeze
I am listening to the whisperings of
The one who always sees

And I know that when I hear
The sighings of the birds
I am listening to the sighings of
One whose love is beyond words

Son of Man

Verse 1:
The son will set you free and you’ll be
You’ll be free indeed
And you’ll lift your eyes up to the place where
Where living water meets the sea

If any man will know the truth, then that
That truth will set him free
Well, I have known this Truth and I will say that
He is the King of Kings

We know that if we would see the Father
We must first look to the Son
And we are surely with You, Lord, our
Our hearts and minds are one.

We lift up our eyes
(To see the glory of the one who’s
Coming down to save us,
And Bow the knee unto the one who
Sits on the throne of David)

We lift up our eyes
(To Gaze upon the one who left it
All to be a servant unto us
And we will serve Him now forever
Because of what He’s done in us)

We lift up our eyes
To the Son of Man

*Note: The way this works is that the BGV’s or the Choir or whoever, sings “We lift up our eyes” and the lead sings the part in parentheses.

Verse 2:
And if we see the bitter jealousy that
Comes from living life with out the Son
We will walk in the grace of truth and love that
Cuts to the deepest parts

We will preach the gospel to them all
Beaten yes, not broken down
Bearing in our bodies yet, the a-
The afflictions of our Lord

Completing yet the burdens yes, that
That He alone could bear
That in the victory of His sufferings
We too might with him share…