Son of Man

Verse 1:
The son will set you free and you’ll be
You’ll be free indeed
And you’ll lift your eyes up to the place where
Where living water meets the sea

If any man will know the truth, then that
That truth will set him free
Well, I have known this Truth and I will say that
He is the King of Kings

We know that if we would see the Father
We must first look to the Son
And we are surely with You, Lord, our
Our hearts and minds are one.

We lift up our eyes
(To see the glory of the one who’s
Coming down to save us,
And Bow the knee unto the one who
Sits on the throne of David)

We lift up our eyes
(To Gaze upon the one who left it
All to be a servant unto us
And we will serve Him now forever
Because of what He’s done in us)

We lift up our eyes
To the Son of Man

*Note: The way this works is that the BGV’s or the Choir or whoever, sings “We lift up our eyes” and the lead sings the part in parentheses.

Verse 2:
And if we see the bitter jealousy that
Comes from living life with out the Son
We will walk in the grace of truth and love that
Cuts to the deepest parts

We will preach the gospel to them all
Beaten yes, not broken down
Bearing in our bodies yet, the a-
The afflictions of our Lord

Completing yet the burdens yes, that
That He alone could bear
That in the victory of His sufferings
We too might with him share…


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