I’ve Got to Know

I’ve got to know
What this life is for
And if you can tell me
What this life is for
Then it’s yours

And I know that when I hear
The whisperings of the breeze
I am listening to the whisperings of
The one who always sees

And I know that when I hear
The sighings of the birds
I am listening to the sighings of
One whose love is beyond words

Son of Man

Verse 1:
The son will set you free and you’ll be
You’ll be free indeed
And you’ll lift your eyes up to the place where
Where living water meets the sea

If any man will know the truth, then that
That truth will set him free
Well, I have known this Truth and I will say that
He is the King of Kings

We know that if we would see the Father
We must first look to the Son
And we are surely with You, Lord, our
Our hearts and minds are one.

We lift up our eyes
(To see the glory of the one who’s
Coming down to save us,
And Bow the knee unto the one who
Sits on the throne of David)

We lift up our eyes
(To Gaze upon the one who left it
All to be a servant unto us
And we will serve Him now forever
Because of what He’s done in us)

We lift up our eyes
To the Son of Man

*Note: The way this works is that the BGV’s or the Choir or whoever, sings “We lift up our eyes” and the lead sings the part in parentheses.

Verse 2:
And if we see the bitter jealousy that
Comes from living life with out the Son
We will walk in the grace of truth and love that
Cuts to the deepest parts

We will preach the gospel to them all
Beaten yes, not broken down
Bearing in our bodies yet, the a-
The afflictions of our Lord

Completing yet the burdens yes, that
That He alone could bear
That in the victory of His sufferings
We too might with him share…


At the Furnace of Thy Gates

Verse 1:
At the furnace of thy gates
I’ll be lifted up and see your glory
And the fire of my trial will seem
So small to me

My rejoicing will be with Angels
At the fire of thy glory
And we will say of the Lord of Heaven
He is awesome, He is holy

We will know that we are there
When we hear the sound of many waters
And the shouting of the people
Like the roaring of the thunder.

We’ll be high and lifted up
When we see Him in His glory
And when that trumpet sounds
We’ll be found ready.

Verse 2:
We will know that He is coming soon
When we see the prophecies fulfilling
And when we see the sons of glory come
Casting down their golden awning

The earth in pain it groans and shakes
Waiting for His glory
And we in Spirit groan and pray
Longing for His coming

When that trumpet blast will sound
A glorious shout will follow
The Desire of the Nations comes
And every other voice rings hollow


Won by One

Won by one by one by one by one by one by one
Won by one by one by one by one by one by one…

Lord in power you saw us here when weakness made us dry
You left Your life, came down to heal—Your tears restored our eyes
Your cleansing power restrained our fears—Your words revealed our lives
Your life and has washed us clean—We know you are the Christ

(And we are) Won by one…

And this is the testimony that we have given to the world
That the Son of Man was lifted up to draw us to our Lord
And though they slay us, we will proclaim the glory of our King
Our lives are His, we lay them down, that every man might see

(That we are) Won by one…

And every time we lift Your name, another hears your voice
A song is shouted through the night, a power that changes lives
That every man who hears the song would say you are the Christ
And this is the hope and power we have—eternal life is in a choice!

(For we are) Won by one…


Why do you mourn

Why do you mourn, oh starlett one?
Why do you gaze towards the horizon?
Why do you weep, oh weary one,
With your eyes toward the sea?

Why do you sigh
Like a mother never see her son again?
Why do you moan, stoop shouldered
With your eyes toward the sea?

Did you give your life and heart
To someone who would fail you?
Or did you simply learn the name
Of the One who found me?


Interesting thing about this poem: There are two lines at the bottom of it, in my note book, which are crossed out. They read, “I see it now/ I was destitute, I was dying.” I guess I just couldn’t think of anywhere to go with that idea in this particular poem. Now, it’s been a long time since I looked in this particular notebook, so I didn’t remember those extra lines at all. But I thought, well gee, that line looks familiar. So I did a little search and found this one. Apparently those two lines sat in my craw like a bit of sand in an oyster until finally… So I thought that was interesting. And I’m kicking myself now, because I have no idea when I wrote the other poem. I should have put the dates up when I was posting them. It never occurred to me that I would deliberately delete all my stuff on my computer. Continue reading “Why do you mourn”

There’s Just Something

There’s just something
That I’ve simply got to know
Am I breathing
Or is it really just a show
Is there a savior
Who could change the heart of me
Is there really something
To believe

I’m devoted
If I could only find a cause
I’m just hoping
For a way out of my thoughts
Am I sinking
In my castle made of sand
Is there somewhere I could
Make a stand