Not a master

I’m a hesitant libertarian; I believe in rulers and political power, following 2 Samuel 23.  However, this quote from Michael Huemer strikes me as right.  If kings have authority, it is because God gives it to them.  It isn’t an absolute authority, and the king as a man is subject to God’s censure like any other man.  Rulers are sinful people too. You can’t get around that by distributing the authority among 50, 450, or 300 million people.  If the government does what is wicked in God’s sight, then the people who used the power of government to do what is wicked will be subject to God’s judgment.

I’m not a master of theological math, but my guess is that a democracy doesn’t get around God’s wrath by dividing it by 300 million voters.  It seems more likely that he will multiply that responsibility to each of us, rather than divide.