Cafe Hayek: Just Nonsense

Just Nonsense.

A faithful Cafe patron sent me this link to a Huffington Post essay by Mary Bottari. I read it, and have nothing specific to say save that it’s nonsense from top to bottom – nonsense of a sort that elicits no reply given that not the faintest whiff of reason wafts through the essay.

Anyone who finds insight in such an essay has as much hope of being reasoned with as a tree stump has of being taught to tap dance.

I confess to suffer occasionally the urge to address every such absurdity that crosses my path. And I sincerely appreciate the Cafe patron sending to me the above link. But some such ravings – such as the above – are simply too ridiculous.

I have on my shelf an unabridged copy of the 1001 Arabian nights. In volume 2, and overlapping into volume 3 is a series of stories about a war between Islamic Persia and the Eastern Roman Empire. It’s actually pretty fascinating to see what kind of romantic tales the evil Saracens where telling about *us* in the 10th and 11th centuries. Somewhere in there, though, we’re enlightened by a description of the Patriarch of Constantinople, the evilest wizard of them all. We are assured he uses black magic with holy scripture and his own feces in order to carry out nefarious plots, often bringing young maidens into indelicate positions, in order to undermine the very will to fight of the righteous armies of Allah. Or something like that.

There’s something of that kind of storytelling in Mary Bottari’s description of Milton Friedman. Black magic, indeed.

Morning Links

Good morning. Things are moving steadily on the job market, which is good, because Valerie’s loans are coming due. Because God has never ceased to be faithful in this way, I fully expect to start getting a check about the time our bills start to go up again.


  1. Nostalgia kick: You Can’t do that on Television was definitely on that list of TV shows I knew I wouldn’t be allowed to watch if we ever got cable. But I loved it anyway, and consoled myself that I hadn’t been barred from watching it when the opportunity arose, because my parents didn’t know it existed. Now it’s all on YouTube. Here’s a clip of Alanis Morisette getting permission from her mom to be a Rock Star. The irony abounds.
  2. On economics:
  3. The sin of infant baptism. I like Mark Dever’s perspective. We’re all too jumpy about that “sin” word, almost as if we wanted to deny that people are sinners.
  4. My favorite email option ever.
  5. Pilots no longer allowed to carry weapons. I wanted to say something about the second amendment here, but this stoops lower than that. More like forbidding armed police.
  6. Makes my mouth water.
  7. Praising Mr. Rogers with faint d…
  8. Sweet ‘n’ Low daddy. I Won’t go into whether non-profit work is more like Equal or Splenda.
  9. Note to self: don’t talk like a pirate to a pirate.
  10. Outrageous salaries are the last resort of the incompetent hiring exec (with due respect to Asimov).
  11. Best Flight Attendant announcements ever.
  12. Twitter can get you fired. A concept I’m very sensitive to.


Good Morning. It looks like today is comics and economics today. That almost goes together.

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  3. Short story.
  4. I think we’re seeing a trend here of bad economics. Greg Mankiw is grateful.
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