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And the search for employment comes to a close. At least for now. On Monday I will start work as a processing manager for KARM Thrift Stores, where every $2.00 of profit buys a meal at the Rescue Mission. Be sure and stop by – you can see me if you are making a donation. 🙂 I will leave to the patient mind the thoughts of how it is I have been confined to the non-profit sector.

And now, links:

  1. I don’t think this is really what Seth Godin was talking about.
  2. Objective vs. Subjective
  3. Frankly, I’m all for a global currency. But I think it won’t happen until currency can be measured on a peer-to-peer sort of basis. Just get Visa, Master Card, and AmEx to use “grams of gold” as their account measurement.
  4. On the divine attributes of Dr. Pepper.
  5. An excellent song choice, considering the medium.
  6. Cool hotel? A little too cool for me, I think.
  7. Flash fiction: excellent choice to name him Robbie.
  8. Not necessarily supporting this view of baptism, but my what a different perspective.
  9. I’ve had similar thoughts
  10. Can’t… do… plaid!
  11. More of the flash fiction. Excellent.
  12. If you’re going to include the culture in your bible study (and you should), be careful! This is really in the vein of my biggest beef with every amateur theologian (including me).
  13. Outraged over AIG bonuses. In the opposite direction.
  14. I’ve been really itching to read this book for a while, but unwilling to pay for it. Now the audiobook is available for free.
  15. Duh!
  16. Give to the uncharity! Or rather, don’t because it’s not really a gift…
  17. I would have written something like this, except I was never brave enough to go there.
  18. Dan Phillips does his link farming on a weekly basis, and the photos are way better.

Morning Links

Good morning. Things are moving steadily on the job market, which is good, because Valerie’s loans are coming due. Because God has never ceased to be faithful in this way, I fully expect to start getting a check about the time our bills start to go up again.


  1. Nostalgia kick: You Can’t do that on Television was definitely on that list of TV shows I knew I wouldn’t be allowed to watch if we ever got cable. But I loved it anyway, and consoled myself that I hadn’t been barred from watching it when the opportunity arose, because my parents didn’t know it existed. Now it’s all on YouTube. Here’s a clip of Alanis Morisette getting permission from her mom to be a Rock Star. The irony abounds.
  2. On economics:
  3. The sin of infant baptism. I like Mark Dever’s perspective. We’re all too jumpy about that “sin” word, almost as if we wanted to deny that people are sinners.
  4. My favorite email option ever.
  5. Pilots no longer allowed to carry weapons. I wanted to say something about the second amendment here, but this stoops lower than that. More like forbidding armed police.
  6. Makes my mouth water.
  7. Praising Mr. Rogers with faint d…
  8. Sweet ‘n’ Low daddy. I Won’t go into whether non-profit work is more like Equal or Splenda.
  9. Note to self: don’t talk like a pirate to a pirate.
  10. Outrageous salaries are the last resort of the incompetent hiring exec (with due respect to Asimov).
  11. Best Flight Attendant announcements ever.
  12. Twitter can get you fired. A concept I’m very sensitive to.

Morning Links

Just barely still morning. The interview went fine. We’re in the process of setting up another one.


  1. A man bag I could use.
  2. Against alternatives to the singular they.
  3. On untrustworthy faces. And they didn’t even include a single picture!
  4. Handwork/Headwork. Makes me look good, since I’m all head and no hands, but doesn’t shine so well against 1 Thessalonians 4:11 & 12.
  5. I never was very good at shadow puppets.
  6. Agents and value added. I’d love to find a realtor who specialized in “starter” homes and modest houses in need of some repair.
  7. Obama Sushi. Looks more like Bill Cosby from Picture Pages to me.
  8. Where did that silly idea come from that X people group has no concept of private property? The first commenter is most astute.
  9. Having flashbacks from Wild Wild West
  10. Star Trek like you’ve never seen it before. Also, an “outtakes” remix that almost had me falling out of my chair.
  11. Funny financing. Not a problem I need to solve, but I sure do love those dollar coins.
  12. It’s not always about learning your lesson.
  13. Building on what God has done, vs. what God might do.
  14. Building better breakthroughs through history. And American revivals seem to be happening about every 6-8 years.
  15. By “brick house,” I think he means “stacked.” Neither word brings to mind the image I expect they intend.
  16. So? There are so many things wrong with this perspective, it becomes tedious to attempt to list them.

Morning Links

Good Morning. My parents were in town, so we spent the day yesterday in Gatlinburg. We had a great time, despite the fact that we forgot to bring a stroller for David, so we spent the entire time holding him. At least Valerie and I had really sore backs last night!


  1. Actually, Great Expectations would be greatly improved with time-traveling robots.
  2. Peculiar
  3. In other words, TULIP is all right as far as it goes, but it doesn’t actually completely cover Calvinism. I’m fifty-fifty on this one. I’d say the Nicene creed does a pretty good job of describing orthodox Christianity. If anything, the only caveats I’d make would be to narrow the options, rather than widen them.
  4. On the other hand – Heresy = Good.
  5. So far, I pass.
  6. Not really sure about this.
  7. Hope for helpless gamers.
  8. Tilt, not bias.
  9. Really the way bureaucracy works.
  10. I think I read about this idea first in Speaker for the Dead. But it brings up some questions – is recording somebody without their notice legal? It isn’t over the phone.
  11. So glad I’m not a Hindu.
  12. cluster-fluffle
  13. Rhet!
  14. The term “Jesus is my girlfriend” really ruined a lot of songs for me.
  15. Trap!
  16. Spell Check poetry.

Morning Links

David is still home. His supercold has mostly gone away, but now he has an ear infection from the buildup. And of course, a fever. As soon as I get done being the worst Mr. Mom ever, I’ll see about posting something that I originated myself.

In the mean time, links:

  1. More on Watchmen: revision as political statement. I doubt I will actually watch the movie myself. Some things that are bearable in print, should not be seen in action.
  2. David says B, which has always been my preferred position on the matter, but I think we’ll be going with A for a while.
  3. Ok. If I can get them to use this patch for something, we will do Boy Scouts.
  4. Population rapidly declining, liberals rejoice?
  5. Only works in English
  6. More on the Evangelical collapse. From one view, it’s a good thing – the part that’s supposed to collapse is the part that I didn’t consider Evangelical.
  7. Apparently, I need to read more Wodehouse, cause I never heard of Bertie Wooster. I have heard of Jeeves, though.
  8. (Obliquely) via Rick Joyner: Todd Bently on road to restoration, via a remarriage. My only thought: Remarried? I couldn’t even get married that fast!
  9. A critique of the Lorax, with which I agree. I’m all in favor of taller buildings!
  10. Scary place to do your business.
  11. Embryos might become fertilized?

Afternoon Links

  1. Hoo Boy
  2. Heh.
  3. Wow. All Don Francisco’s stuff is donation-based. I still haven’t downloaded any songs though. I feel the need to donate something and I haven’t any.
  4. Connecticut attempts to undermine the first amendment. Fortunately postponed. Anthony Esolen says, “bring it on!
  5. On Confession. The Orthodox position looks to be closer to a Protestant position than he thinks. Of course, for a Protestant, there is a judicial aspect to dealing with sin, but that aspect, for the believer, has already been dealt with at the cross. Since the judicial aspect of confession has been removed, there is no reason to confess your sins to an official who responds to it like a parole officer. Rather, you confess one to another, for mutual edification.
  6. The Debt Star.
  7. Massive financial collapse leading to war. Fernandez seems this is an improvement over WWI, in which this was reversed.
  8. Pretty! My guess is that I still won’t be allowed to get one at that price, 45,000 hours or no.
  9. Evangelicalism collapsing. Actually, I thought the trend was up.

Early-afternoon Links?

I’m late this morning. David had a doctor’s appointment this morning at 8:45 for a case of RSV, which is actually something like a really, really bad cold. So bad that it causes pneumonia. An 8:45 appointment means seeing the LPN at around 10:00, which is to say we got home at around noon. As an added bonus, the doctor’s office and the pharmacy are having a little disagreement about whether our insurance will pay for David’s breathing treatment. Fortunately, a moderate case of pneumonia is as nothing to basic asthma, so I’m unimpressed with his pressing need for expensive asthma medication.

But links:

  1. Confusing “unfettered capitalism” with mercantilism.
  2. Billy Graham at Harvard. Unfortunately, in RealMedia format.
  3. Obama and his teleprompter. I thought it was safety glass.
  4. Apparent proof that Obama is not an idiot. Though it leaves the other option (either stupid or…).
  5. Often, good politicians lie. Adroit politicians lie often.
  6. It looks, however, like Obama is really starting to feel the weight of the presidency. Or at least, the press is beginning to feel something.
  7. Scripophily – like collecting stamps!
  8. An excellent quote by the former president of my seminary, especially when applied to 1 Corinthians 12.
  9. Divine Vinyl – Brace yourself.
  10. Well it ought to be.
  11. Two words – Central Planning.
  12. The complications of being a senator and an OBGYN.
  13. Barry Manilow – not a weapon? (H/T: Dan Phillips)
  14. Also via Mr. Phillips: Letters to the editor re: Galatians.
  15. Just don’t get it. “Don’t waste your sports” is only slightly more confusing than “don’t waste your jigsaw puzzles.”
  16. Proper use of capital and lowercase numbers – which is why I now type everything in the Georgia font, if I possibly can.
  17. Also: spacing between sentences. So hard to unlearn!
  18. Barak Carter? Jimmy Obama?
  19. Logic!
  20. Watchmen, a review. Any movie rendition without the pirate comic would be a certain improvement, but even then, this movie is rated R, for the same reason the Passion was rated R, with the exception that the Passion is about the gospel, while Watchmen sort of wants to be, but isn’t. Well, they got sin right, anyway.
  21. Flash fiction. (Officially creepy.)
  22. Love makes for great photography. Because there’s no way that those bowls are intrinsically beautiful.
  23. Taking up slack. As soon as I get done taking care of my perpetually sick kid, I’ve got a list of certifications to work on while I look for new work. Oh, and I’m writing again.
  24. Worse than poverty? Yes.
  25. Ha! Something about a historical “living document” which claims a triumph of orthodox theology over heretics just sticks funny with me. Are we talking orthodox or Orthodox, here? The “living document” thing is why I’m inclined to mistrust the Textus Receptus over against modern critical versions of the Bible. The Textus Receptus was preserved by the Orthodox, and they have this thing for preserving “the faith that was once for all delivered to the saints” in “living documents.”
  26. Professors tend to be liberals. Who knew?
  27. Continuing a classic trend in American prison systems.
  28. Bankruptcy, as seen through a cheap gass grill
  29. Against children’s church.
  30. Might be useful.
  31. Fleeting temptation. Just… wow.
  32. On the other hand, an interesting paradigm for avoiding it, though lacking in detail
  33. Confusing Sam with John.
  34. A different Sam. Check the quip quotes at the end.
  35. Don’t lose the keys! Rather the Protestant position, I should think:

    Some poor prelate forgot to pass them to his heir,
    but when Martin Luther found them,
    il Papa claimed they weren’t there.

    Well, he claimed that those keys weren’t the keys, anyway.

  36. On the health care debate. There’s a gap in these arguments that I could put my finger on, if I took the time to find it.
  37. In which “woo-woo” is exemplified.
  38. A new approach to scripture memory. This actually works. I can still remember the titles of books I never read as a child, because they were on my bookshelf and I looked at the binding every day.

Morning Links

Good Morning. I’m sitting on pins and needles this morning, hoping that our outrageous tax rebate comes in soon. Apparently our child deductions from last year are the only thing that can help us afford to pay for this year’s day care – until we can get a cheaper situation.

On to the links:

  1. The things time-shares will do to get you to listen. (Robots!)
  2. Soviet era jokes, applied to US.
  3. The realism of a Sega light gun.
  4. Just like Minority Report. Now all we need are the telepaths.
  5. More fanatic than his fans.
  6. The power of pie
  7. Turtle marching band
  8. Hallelujah! Americans acquiring sense, to the disappointment of all politicians everywhere.
  9. Emoticicons… busted.
  10. L. Ron Hubbard, explained.

Morning Links

Good morning. Working on a new site design. Tread lightly.

  1. Heh. Have you seen *my* portfolio?
  2. I’m heading this direction soon, myself.
  3. A new perspective on 1 Trillion
  4. Why hasn’t inflation hit? Personally, I’m in favor of a sudden, rapid burst of inflation, to last for approximately one year, or until I get my debt paid off, whichever comes last. Following that, I would be in favor of an equally rapid phase of deflation, to last until I buy a house. after which I would be strongly in favor of doing whatever it takes to eliminate these dangerous swings in the economy.
  5. The Periodic table… of awsomeness. Man, think of the molecules you could put together!
  6. Overpriced car, now with more features. It’s still too expensive.
  7. Avoiding “the Tertullian heresy” is getting more and more difficult.
  8. Joe Biden – apparently not a math minor either.