Morning Links

David is still home. His supercold has mostly gone away, but now he has an ear infection from the buildup. And of course, a fever. As soon as I get done being the worst Mr. Mom ever, I’ll see about posting something that I originated myself.

In the mean time, links:

  1. More on Watchmen: revision as political statement. I doubt I will actually watch the movie myself. Some things that are bearable in print, should not be seen in action.
  2. David says B, which has always been my preferred position on the matter, but I think we’ll be going with A for a while.
  3. Ok. If I can get them to use this patch for something, we will do Boy Scouts.
  4. Population rapidly declining, liberals rejoice?
  5. Only works in English
  6. More on the Evangelical collapse. From one view, it’s a good thing – the part that’s supposed to collapse is the part that I didn’t consider Evangelical.
  7. Apparently, I need to read more Wodehouse, cause I never heard of Bertie Wooster. I have heard of Jeeves, though.
  8. (Obliquely) via Rick Joyner: Todd Bently on road to restoration, via a remarriage. My only thought: Remarried? I couldn’t even get married that fast!
  9. A critique of the Lorax, with which I agree. I’m all in favor of taller buildings!
  10. Scary place to do your business.
  11. Embryos might become fertilized?

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Formerly many things, including theology student, mime, jr. high Latin teacher, and Army logistics officer. Currently in the National Guard, and employed as a civilian... somewhere

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