Morning Links

Good morning. Working on a new site design. Tread lightly.

  1. Heh. Have you seen *my* portfolio?
  2. I’m heading this direction soon, myself.
  3. A new perspective on 1 Trillion
  4. Why hasn’t inflation hit? Personally, I’m in favor of a sudden, rapid burst of inflation, to last for approximately one year, or until I get my debt paid off, whichever comes last. Following that, I would be in favor of an equally rapid phase of deflation, to last until I buy a house. after which I would be strongly in favor of doing whatever it takes to eliminate these dangerous swings in the economy.
  5. The Periodic table… of awsomeness. Man, think of the molecules you could put together!
  6. Overpriced car, now with more features. It’s still too expensive.
  7. Avoiding “the Tertullian heresy” is getting more and more difficult.
  8. Joe Biden – apparently not a math minor either.