Fasting the Internet

Yeah, I know – Lent was last week. But with the way my new work schedule comes out, it looks like I have about 2½-3 discretionary hours every day, these hours coming first thing in the morning, since my evenings are really taken up with baby and wife. On the other hand, it’s been working out that reading through my blogs every day actually takes somewhere around an hour and a half. What with my tendency to pad my free time activities, there’s not much room for anything else, and it’s occurring to me that I have some things to do that might be more profitable during that time, such as perhaps jogging, Bible reading, prayer, and guitar.

“Cutting back” is not something that I do very well, and it’s especially so in the area of Internet use. I like to complete things, and Google Reader just lists every blog I read as it’s been updated. Once I start down the list, the urge is to go ahead and finish it. “Cutting back” meats cutting out some of the blogs, which I suppose may happen in time, but initially, it’s a huge time investment. Far easier just to cut out from the blog scene entirely for a while.

But who knows? Maybe more time in my Bible will result in more meaningful blogging, with fewer responses to other blogs.