Girly Job

One of my frustrations, as I’m looking for work, is that the office is still a very sexist place to be. Only now they hide it.

All work is not created equal, nor are positions a likely starting point for career advancement. Ultimately this is why I’m probably about to put everything in my life on hold and rush as much computer certification as possible, because in terms of real work experience and certification, the sort of position I am currently most qualified for is to be an administrative assistant, what was formerly known as a secretary. And the problem with admin work, ultimately, is not that it’s unpleasant work, or even that the pay is too bad. The problem is that they really want you to be a girl.

I don’t know how to describe the admin field without sounding sexist myself, but it’s fairly evident in the job descriptions, particularly if the position is designed to support only one person. They don’t say it out right, but you get the distinct impression that the ideal candidate will probably be *pretty*, or perhaps even more than a little bit *perky*.

For example, a recent posting for admin assistant to the president of a private college: Continue reading “Girly Job”