Army Research

I’ve heard a lot of people commenting that it’s small wonder if the enemy knows all of our moves, since most of the Army’s methods and procedures are posted online on public websites. As far as I know you can get every Field Manual we’ve got with a basic Google search. But I’ve found the secret. Just because it’s all there doesn’t mean it makes any sense.

I’ve got a presentation on Thursday on Army In-Transit visibility. So far, in about a week’s worth of research, all I’ve found is a never-ending recursion of acronyms. The general consensus is that, because of RFID tags and various computer systems, everyone who needs to can know exactly where every postage stamp is, at home, in transit, or abroad. But exactly how that data is collected, transmitted, processed, and reported is a complete mystery apparently to every party involved. Make sure you get the batteries in right, and the satellites and computers will take care of the rest.

I’ve got a better chance reporting on the integration of LaTeX into Open Office Software.