Four Kinds of Idolatry

Four Kinds of Idolatry.

This is good, as far as it goes. But I wish he’d address the really nitty-gritty areas:

  1. What difference, if any, does the incarnation have on the law against images? (That’s the Orthodox question.)
  2. What about using images in church as teaching tools? (That’s the Roman Catholic question.)
  3. What about the ark of the covenant, and other uses of images in the tabernacle and temple? (That’s my question.) Aaron’s bull was idolatry, but the cherubim were legit worship. What’s the difference? All the tribes of Israel gathered around the tabernacle in the wilderness, with a flag for each group, hense the “lion of the tribe of Judah.” Was that worship? What about the candle stands in the tabernacle? They were made to look like flowers. Why isn’t that idolatry? What about the doves and pomegranites around the alcoves in Solomon’s Temple? What about the angels in Solomon’s temple, whose wings spanned the building, so that they touched in the middle and touched each wall? Why isn’t that idolatry? Let’s ask some interesting questions.