Advisio: commentary in the sidebar

You may have noticed, even as Valerie and I have begun posting more frequently, we still both of us don’t actually post all that frequently any more. There is a reason.

Really, there are two very different models of blogging out there. The first is what you might call the newspaper model. Newspapers are published every day, with articles prepared on a set deadline. If your newspaper were delivered erratically, you’d cancel your subscription and ask for your money back. All the famous blogs that I’m aware of post according to this model, and that is why I try not to read any of them. When I was first getting in to blogging, the mantra you could hear from every angle was “Post every day, no matter what, no matter how hard it is. Blogging is a discipline, and you have to keep your name in people’s minds on a regular basis or you’ll never get anywhere.

Of course, all that was before the advent of feed readers like Google Reader. Continue reading “Advisio: commentary in the sidebar”