An Interesting Set of Alternatives

Theologically speaking, and forced to make a choice, between Luther and Zwinglii, I’d side with Luther. But between Luther and Calvin, I’d go with Calvin. But then, forced to choose between Calvin and myself, I choose me.

I guess that makes me an evangelical.

Valerie: *What if you were forced to choose between you and your wife?*
Me: *There is no choice to make.*
Valerie: *Right. So you’d choose me, huh?*

Best Blonde Joke Ever

I tend to stay away from blonde jokes, for the same reason I stay away from “pollock” jokes.  However, jokes about stupid people jokes are really funny, if only we could suck out the pejorative.  So call [this]( a “stupid person” joke and we’ll all be fine.

It’s still pretty funny.

This explains a lot of things

About halfway through my junior year I told Valerie I was thinking about switching to a math major.  She threatened me with bodily harm.  That thing about journalism is a lie though, a filthy lie!  (Unless you count blogging…)

You scored as English. You should be an English major! Your passion lies in writing and expressing yourself creatively, and you hate it when you are inhibited from doing so. Pursue that interest of yours!


What is your Perfect Major? (PLEASE RATE ME!!<3)
created with

Hat tip: [Reasons Why](

Morning Dilemma

I am a newlywed. One-half partner in a newlywed couple. And we are definitely in the honeymoon stage.

I had no idea of the vast, incalculable advantages of marriage. Continence alone is so much easier since you can stay chaste by being married. But even beyond those most primal urges, just the sheer happiness of being nearly constantly in the presence of someone you like so much is nearly overwhelming. The pleasure of having near constant access to someone who genuinely likes you and is genuinely interested in what you have to say… lonliness is banished! (Even for someone like me who does. not. get. lonely., the difference is marked.) Oh the joy of discovering complimentary tastes – in food! in decorating! in preferred housework! (Let me tell you, there is something quite satisfying, almost a relief in discovering that one of you hates to wash the dishes, and the other hates to dry.)

I am told that this near frenzy of appreciation will soon wear off. I am already bracing my self and searching desperately for a way to make it continue. “Catch for us the little foxes,” the scripture says, and I am riddling my life with foxtraps. If there is a way to make the honeymoon last, I for one am desperate to find it. (All advice continues to be graciously accepted.)

But the one most noticeable advantage for me in marriage has been my productivity. Continue reading “Morning Dilemma”


It has come up quite frequently in conversation that my wife does all the cooking around our house. I don’t know exactly how it keeps coming up, but I always must protest: It’s not my fault! I’m not exactly an overbearing ogre. (I mean, look at me. Is [this]( intimidating?) The truth is, she won’t *let* me cook. Cooking is both a spontaneous thing for me and a highly regimented one. I cook with about 15 minutes notice, and I use a recipie. If the recipie doesn’t turn out, I either adjust or eliinate the recipie. Unfortunately, by the time I start giving 15 minutes notice, Valerie has already planned next week’s menu.

I used to take perfectly good care of myself before I was married. I have about 43 different kinds of pasta I can produce, and such manly entrées as chili, and beans, and Gold Coast Stew.

Also I fry eggs. Continue reading “Breakfast”

Their Logo is… No Logo

I like these shirts. Kinda punchy… make a valid point… good stuff. But they only have one message: “We don’t have logos. ” “My body is not a bilboard. ” “This shirt is not selling anything.” Logos bad. No Logo. The name of the company that makes these shirts? [No Sponsor.](

Can you feel the irony?