It’s what I do best:

It’s really disconcerting for me when I say something funny and people actually laugh. It feels like I’m being singled out and made much of for just speaking my mind. In my family growing up, ironic wit was just how people talked. It feels really bald and unguarded to say something straight out, so that’s something I would normally only reserve for lecturing or careful argument. Normal conversation is made gentle by layered meaning and ironic inversion.

So, growing up, if you said something terribly clever, you might get a nice chuckle. Scaling down from there, the next level might be a funny face. Otherwise, pleasant conversation consists entirely of wit, irony, and anecdote, sprinkled liberally with quick analytical jabs. Poor shots, of course, merit an eye roll. And then we go on.


Some links:

* The Curse of Motivational Speaking, which curse being that it doesn’t actually change anybody, and prevents them from listening to the stuff that does.
* Viral video leads to university president resignation. Apparently, he was allergic to the words “free college.”
* Civilization
* Immigration, and Red-headed property.
* Compulsory voting?
* Divorced from God? Doug Wilson says, “Prove it!”
* Matt Waymeyer on the continuing spiritual hope of Israel. One could wish he would write with the same biblical perception and clarity on the subject of continuing function of spiritual gifts.
* Personals. The author at Outer Life shares a few traits with me, including a poor ability to modify reality without irony.

From Pseudo-Polymath:

* German court declares circumcision illegal. Two views, sympathetic, and unsympathetic (to the circumcision party, that is).
* When I was at OCS, my platoon sergeant thought it would be funny to give the little guy a 240B machine gun. I didn’t think it was all that funny. In fact, I was tempted to complain. Now, I’m just glad he didn’t make me carry this.
* Everybody’s got an Economic Crush, don’t they? Currently, I’m geeking out on Adam Smith.
* A bird of prey gets goosed.
*Okay, maybe weapons safety is an oxymoron after all.
* New research indicates that the zombie apocalypse is rabies.
* Gospel: the only answer for pornography. My experience was that pornography was a replacement, not for sex, but for worship.

Enough for now?

Winnie-the-Pooh and Job Apps?

Ok, yesterday I mentioned that my NC nurse aide training and testing were not acceptable to the sovereign state of TN. Fine. So I started looking for work that didn’t require certification and found a job open at Fort Sanders Medical (the hospital where I was born) for a non-certified nurse aide. So I clicked on it and started to apply.

After four or five reminders to only send in one application for all the open CNA type positions, I finally got to the application and began to fill it out. Most of the application is rather standard: what facilities would I like ot work at, how do I handle stress, criticism and conflict, have I ever been terminated from a job, what’s my philosophy for working, what are my short and long term career goals, etc. etc. etc. In fact there are a lot of questions to be answered for a positions that requires mostly common sense and compassion. And then I hit the doozie of all questions:

35. If you were a Winnie the Pooh character, who would you be most similar to?

Followed by:

36. What is it about your personality that causes you to reach this conclusion?

My first reaction: Are you kidding me?!? What kind of question is that? What kind of Winnie-ther-Pooh character am I? What in the world does that have to do with anything?!? That question is SO facebooksurveyish.

They are completely serious. The question has drop down menu choices and everything. My first thought was to put down Rabbit because I sure felt like I had Pooh stuck in my front door, but then after consideration and a decent night’s sleep I’m going to go with Kanga since I don’t have to option to be a little black rain cloud or a woozle. Wonders apparently never cease, and I sure hope someone on the other end is not the complete moron they seem to be by asking a question like that. I also hope I get a job offer with all the effort I’m putting in to their fifty million question application.

Job Hunting Frustrations and Irritations

So, I’m applying for CNA jobs at local hospitals and such in Knoxville and I start to thinking about how I might be able to transfer my certification registry from NC to TN. I go hunting on the TN Nurse Aide Registry site and start reading. About halfway down I come across this:

An individual who is currently listed as active with no derogatory or abuse information on another State’s list of certified individuals can apply for reciprocity.

Okay, that sounds like me:

Tennessee accepts reciprocity from all States except Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Illinois and North Carolina.

Uh Oh. So what do I need to do?

An individual living in Alabama, Georgia or Illinois must provide verification of their status and apply to challenge the test. An individual living in Florida or North Carolina must retrain and retest in Tennessee in order to become certified as a CNA in this State.

That’s right folks I have to retake a class in common sense and retake a skills test on hand washing. Apparently people in NC and FL don’t know how to wash their hands right.

Their Logo is… No Logo

I like these shirts. Kinda punchy… make a valid point… good stuff. But they only have one message: “We don’t have logos. ” “My body is not a bilboard. ” “This shirt is not selling anything.” Logos bad. No Logo. The name of the company that makes these shirts? [No Sponsor.](

Can you feel the irony?