Some links:

* The Curse of Motivational Speaking, which curse being that it doesn’t actually change anybody, and prevents them from listening to the stuff that does.
* Viral video leads to university president resignation. Apparently, he was allergic to the words “free college.”
* Civilization
* Immigration, and Red-headed property.
* Compulsory voting?
* Divorced from God? Doug Wilson says, “Prove it!”
* Matt Waymeyer on the continuing spiritual hope of Israel. One could wish he would write with the same biblical perception and clarity on the subject of continuing function of spiritual gifts.
* Personals. The author at Outer Life shares a few traits with me, including a poor ability to modify reality without irony.

From Pseudo-Polymath:

* German court declares circumcision illegal. Two views, sympathetic, and unsympathetic (to the circumcision party, that is).
* When I was at OCS, my platoon sergeant thought it would be funny to give the little guy a 240B machine gun. I didn’t think it was all that funny. In fact, I was tempted to complain. Now, I’m just glad he didn’t make me carry this.
* Everybody’s got an Economic Crush, don’t they? Currently, I’m geeking out on Adam Smith.
* A bird of prey gets goosed.
*Okay, maybe weapons safety is an oxymoron after all.
* New research indicates that the zombie apocalypse is rabies.
* Gospel: the only answer for pornography. My experience was that pornography was a replacement, not for sex, but for worship.

Enough for now?

Whose MONEY Is It, Anyway?

Whose MONEY Is It, Anyway?.

On a tangental note, immigration is actually the bigggest reason I’m against too many social services. By definition, it’s impossible to provide unlimited free services – free education, free child care, free medicine, free soup – to an unlimited supply of people. So, as long as we are providing those services, and the more of those services we provide, the more we are going to be closed off to foreigners joining our community. We just can’t afford to support everyone who’s here, plus everyone who comes through on their way to somewhere else. I’m in favor of open immigration, even with all the crime control problems and evangelism opportunities that come with it. So I must be against all those social services that give people reasons to be against immigration.