Yes, Virginia, there really is a line

See my previous post for thoughts on books that needn’t bother to be books. Nevertheless, I agree wholeheartedly with Tim Challies’ review of Sex, Dating, and Relationships: A Fresh Approach. There is no Biblical category for “girlfriend.” A girlfriend is a practice wife, and the only reason to practice being married without actually getting married is so you can practice getting divorced.

BUT (wanting to justify himself, he said) is there a Biblical category for betrothed? I’m looking at you, Song of Solomon.

A short review of the Amazon Kindle

The Kindle has many advantages as a reading device: It’s light and portable, generally smaller than the average paperback, by volume. It can hold thousands of books, and keep your place in all of them. Purchasing a book on the Kindle is thousands of times faster than having it delivered through the mail, which is an incredible advantage on the road, away from good book stores. Its paging system makes it seem remarkably like a book, as does its reflective digital ink. However, there is one significant flaw:

I have never broken a book; not in my pocket, not in the mail. So far I have broken two Kindles.

Assuming an outstanding warranty service, which Amazon seems to have, the delivery time on a Kindle is the same as a book. Only, if I ever did manage to break a book, it would be just the one book. With the kindle, break it, and you’ve broken your whole library!