This needs to be a Sonnet

Like heavy cream needs to be butter:

Gentleness is subtleness;
And subtlety mocks clarity.
Who can hear a word too softly spoke,
Or bear truth without tenderness?
Hard hearts and broken hearts
Are so very much the same.
Lord only you can sort the difference
Among the sinews of the mind.
Your word alone is strong enough
To be both direct and kind.
Yet your wisdom chose to wield
Your truth on human tongues.
Your spirit hardens whom you harden
You will not forget whom you have chosen
Have mercy on your children Lord
As you have wounded, surely heal

Properly Trinitarian

I once heard a pastor say that the key area to check when searching for a church to join was that church’s position on Jesus Christ. I think his reasoning was that consistently throughout history, but particularly in our age, if a church falters, it falters first over the person and work of Jesus Christ.

Point taken, but when I heard it, it struck me as a little wobbly. There are lots of churches which hold a perfectly acceptable understanding of Jesus Christ, but which I think are still a little less than they could be because of a weakly expressed understanding of the Father and the Holy Spirit.

It seems to me that the goal of a church should be what I would call “properly trinitarian.” That is, the life and teaching of the church should reflect the actual relationships within the Trinity. All three Persons of the Godhead are equal, and so they should get equal press from the pulpit and on our minds and lips. Nevertheless, there is a hierarchy of precedence within the trinity, and we ought to seek to reflect that precedence in the way we honor and submit to God.