I’m finished!!!

I’m finished! Yippee! I’m so excited. After my last exam yesterday morning I jumped up and down and spun around while repeating “I’m done I’m done I’m done…’ ad infinitum (it’s true, you can ask KB for verification…I’m sure I annoyed him to no end). Baccalaureate is on Friday and Graduation on Saturday. I’m very happy that my Gma and Gpa Walker will be able to come with my parents and brothers (and sorry that more people can’t come). D’s also bringing a friend. I was actually worried that D wouldn’t be able to come because he has a brass ensemble performance on Sunday for the graduation ceremony at the community college he attends. The problem was that mom and dad are staying in Charlotte until Sunday afternoon and D’s car is not long distance travel worthy. Gma and Gpa are leaving on Saturday, however, and Dale and his friend will go back with them.

All I have to do now is finish cleaning my room and pack all my stuff up for moving out of the dorm for the last time. I’ve enjoyed my time here at Queens but I’m ready for a change and a new place to rest my head. Besides, college is not a very good place for morning birds like me….my hall mates have never been a quiet bunch and I really look forward to an 9:00 – 10:00pm bedtime (which is unheard of in just about any dorm I’ve ever been in or visited).

After lunch on Sunday, I’ll be heading back to Tennessee to set up base camp for the summer, wedding, moving, et al. I’m almost finished with addressing the invitations and will have them done before tomorrow. When I get back into town I’ll need to go get sized for alterations for my dress. I’ve found a way to drop some weight that works for me….counting calories and exercise. The daily calorie count for people who want to lose weight is between 1200 and 1500 calories and the healthy drop of weight loss is about 3lbs a week. I’ve dropped about 15lbs since I started counting, which also makes me excited and happy. I want to be at a healthy weight and size for my height so I’m working towards that. The only drawback is that none of my clothing fits anymore since I’ve already dropped 2-3 sizes already depending on the cut and what type of article of clothing it is. I bought a new dress for graduation that I didn’t think was going to fit at all and then was very surprised when it did. I got rid of two large bags full of clothes and am waiting a bit before buying more clothes to see what size I’ll end up at. Come this fall, however, I’m going to need to buy new pants because the ones I bought at Christmas no longer fit without a belt.

Time to go do some cleaning.

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