Website problems are over….finally.

When we tried to switch the web hosting and site addresses around from to, something went horribly wrong and we couldn’t access the site for almost two days. We have a quick fix in place and sometime today it should switch over to When it does, don’t forget to remark your favorites; we only have the forwarding on for a short time to reroute from puretext to neumatikos.

How do you like the new site? I really like the color arrangement and had fun making to banner. I’m thinking of making some more when I have a chance (possibly this summer inbetween wedding and moving).

I have one more exam to take on Monday. I have just below a 94 in the class, which means two things:

1. I have to take the exam.
2. I have to make below a 70 in order to to make anything lower than an A- for the course.

This means that I might end up with all A’s this semester…whoohoo! Graduation is next Saturday. My mom, dad, brothers, and Walker grents are coming. I was worried that Dale wouldn’t be able to come because he has to play in brass ensemble on Sunday the 8th for the Pellissippi State Community College Graduation. I’m glad both of my brothers can come; neither of them has seen where I’ve been living for the past four years.

Well, I think that’s all for now, I need to do some major cleaning in my room and then get my notes together for studying Micro.

12 thoughts on “Website problems are over….finally.”

  1. I’m mostly done with classes, I have one more today and I turn in massive amounts of papers tomorrow. One thing I’m noticing on the site, the comment text box is getting covered with the links on the right. Is that fixable?


  2. Andrew–

    The old email is *supposed* to stay up, but right now it’s still broken. I’ll post new addresses in the about page soon.

    Ces– I’m not having that problem. Can you tell me where it is?
    Is it in the popup screen, or on the front page, or on the individual post page?



  3. It’s on the individual post page. It’s not doing it for me now, because the text box is lower from extra posts since I said it. But the text box stretches across the entire screen. Maybe it could somehow be limited to half the screen-width? I’ll see if it does it on another post and i’ll email you a screenshot


  4. This is weird. It expands by like an inch and a half (I’m not good with estimating, I’m probably off on that) when I start to type in the box. Only when I start to type. emailing you a screenshot


  5. Please, send me a screenshot. The textbox should always adjust to fit, and the only time the links in the sidebar should overlap is when you’re hovering the pointer over them, so they expand.


  6. I found out the textbox problem. I’m pretty sure, though, that it’s a IE bug. Any time you have a text box that isn’t hard coded exactly how many pixels wide it’s supposed to be, it tends to do weird things and overlap stuff that shouldn’t be overlapped, I’m afraid.


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