I’ve changed My Mind

I don’t want to go to school in Boston. I want to go to Seminary in [Anadarko](http://maps.google.com/maps?q=Main+st,+anadarko,+ok&ll=35.093506,-98.240843&spn=2.859375,5.973598&hl=en)

I’ve just gotten the lease agreement for what looks like the best deal for an apartment for us in the Boston exurbs. They require up front, first month’s rent, last month’s rent, and a security deposit equal to a month’s rent. That would be three months. I’ve talked them down to $799 a month for rent. $2400 would be slightly less than what I paid (each) for the first two cars I bought.

So… who wants to contribute to the Kyle and Valerie fund? Whatever isn’t spent on rent will go toward psychiatric treatment.

8 thoughts on “I’ve changed My Mind”

  1. Hey, I’m cool with Anadarko. Anadarko isn’t 27 hours away. Is there even a seminary in Anadarko?

    Valerie could go to OU’s med school


  2. Reality hits hard sometimes. HOld fast to the dream of what you want to accomplish and it will be provided. There is always a way – like you have talked them down some in rent. That’s positive. Don’t loose your focus and let doubt weight you down.



  3. Oh dear…I fault myself…I guess this is in some ways my fault. Looks like I have seriously undercharged your rent. Let’s plan on hiking it up for July just to “get you used” to paying these higher rates. (LOL!) I wish you well with your planning (and your new creative financing).



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