Daily links

[Pseudo-Polymath](http://www.pseudopolymath.com/) (of whom I am very fond), has an intermittant set of posts he does called “morning links,” where he quickly runs through his morning reading and points out any notable developments. Sort of like a personal bonsai version of the [Instapundit](http://instapundit.com/). I always get a picture of Archie Bunker looking up over the newspaper and saying, “Hey Edith, get a load of this!” (I have no idea if that’s even the sort of thing he’d say.) I’m going to try this method of posting and see if it can work for me. There are always a whole host of things I read in a day that interest me that I’d love to point out to somebody (or somebodies), but I’m always loathe to post them individually, because it would run anything “important” I’ve said (and anything Valerie has said) down to the bottom of the page.

Hopefully, if I can squeeze everything down into one post, we won’t have that problem. So:

* Robert Rogers spoke at our devotions this morning. You may have heard of him: he was in a terrible flash flood accident in Kansas on I-35, about 2 years ago, which rsulted in the deaths of his wife and four children. He now has a ministry called [“Mighty in the Land”](http://www.mightyintheland.com), where he travels tand talks about his experience and about how to “live a life of no regrets.” A large number of people have become Christians as a result of hearing his message. I personally have some ambivalent feelings about his ministry, simply because I would have a very hard time using my family’s personal tragedy as a foundation for a public ministry. Nevertheless, I was impressed with his gentleness and his genuine heart to glorify God with his life.

* [BlogSavvy](http://blogsavvy.net) has a great post up asking [“Why on earth would you want a website?”) since WordPress can do everything so much better than trying to code the whole darn page by hand. Indeed. I would also like to mention that my [“free web design”](http://www.neumatikos.org/2005/05/free-web-design/) offer still stands. (Hat tip: [Photo Matt](http://photomatt.net/2005/06/10/no-more-websites/))

* I’ve found my new [favorite refrigerator](http://www.subzero.com/subzero/description.asp?id=736TC)

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