Update thingies…I’m terrible at this sometimes….

Hello Everybody!

My, my, how the time does fly! I seriously owe everybody an update on what’s been going on so here goes…..

A little over a month ago (goodness!), we packed all of our belonging into a UPS truck and sent it to NC ahead of us. After being feted by our former church till our sides burst, we finally set out to follow our belongings. It was a good beginning of a nice month-long trip. Our first stop was with my Aunt and Uncle in MD for a night followed by an overnight stay with my friend Jeanna and her husband Nic (both of which were absolutely lovely times). Then we were finally back in the Carolina’s and I was reminded why we needed to wear shorts!

Since I’m pregnant, everyone and their brother’s sister banned me from doing any lifting as we put our things into storage for the month of July. While it was a bit obnoxious, it did give me the chance to do the thing that I do best: organize. We got everything out of the truck and into the unit with good time and sped off towards our first stop of our real traveling.

You really can’t beat a Fourth of July shindig like the Walker’s put on. There’s always way too much good food, lots of time spent becoming raisins in the pool and fireworks. Kyle and I put in our share in the blazing glory display this year, and thankfully, it was not any of our choices that tried to burn down the house!

After little sleep, we headed out on the fifth for OK and a houseful of babies. We had a wonderful time chatting (sleeping for me) and cleaning Marmee’s house (what do you expect from someone who compulsively cleans and wants to be of help?) I really enjoyed our time there even if there weren’t too many times of quiet.

We used Tulsa as a hub as we traveled back and forth to visit grents in Lee’s Summit and Guthrie. Both visits were quite pleasant and we had lots of laugh and time to rest. Kyle even got some more work done on his Latin. Before we headed out of town, we went on a family float trip which was great fun to see little Josiah laughing as he swam by holding onto Jason’s neck. I slept really well that night and had my first prenatal visit the next day. I had all the preliminaries done including all of my blood work. Apparently I hadn’t gotten enough liquid the day before because I got yelled at for being dehydrated. At least everything else checked out all right.

After leaving Tulsa, we took one of our longer drives down to visit Tom and Christy just outside of Houston. It was absolutely wonderful to see them again. Tom was Kyle’s best man at our wedding (and vice versa consequently) and we hadn’t seen them in two years. It was also a joy to see their little Jocelyn. Well, maybe she’s not so little. She’s in her fifth month and is as big as a six to seven month old. Not really all that unexpected since both of her parents are over six feet tall!

I wish our stay could have been a bit longer with the Bessers, but I had put us on a strict schedule and we had to be back in Charlotte for Kyle’s school conference. We had a long drive through Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and into Georgia to stay overnight with another aunt and uncle. The trip was a bit longer than anticipated because we stopped to be good Samaritans for someone who needed oil for their truck. Our stay in Columbus whisked by and we were back in Charlotte.

The day we arrived, we went and signed our lease for our new apartment in Concord, NC before going to stay with some friends during the conference. Kyle drove in and out of Charlotte from Wednesday evening through Saturday afternoon and says that he really enjoyed meeting other people involved in other classical schools. We moved everything out of the storage unit and into out new apartment on Saturday afternoon, which was quite hot. Kyle and I had been bring a car load of boxes to the apartment in the evenings after his conference and I almost had the kitchen settled before we were piled high again.

All this past week I’ve been settling the house. I’ve been doing my best not to lift and carry and even took a day off to rest, read and nap. To my shame, I must have sat in our recliner wrong and pinched a nerve in my back because I now get little twinges along the back side of my left arm. To make matters worse, Kyle decided to share a killer cold with me that I am starting to get over now. Also, while trying to sleep off the cold, I apparently slept on my right arm wrong and am having some muscle pains in the shoulder. Sigh.

At least I’m almost finished with my first trimester of pregnancy. On Thursday I will officially be twelve weeks pregnant and starting into my second trimester. The Lord blessed me with relatively little morning sickness until I started into my 8th week, and it seems to be not so bad as long as I eat my crackers well before I venture out of bed in the morning and eat breakfast soon after. I’m hoping that I will be typical and have more energy and less illness this trimester.

I’m still looking for a care provider. I have at least found a place nearby that will take out of pocket pay. I’m just still working on getting in touch with them to see what my options are. Also, I’m going to contact the facility that is in the provider network for our insurance to see if they would be willing to work something out until our insurance comes online at the end of October. Thankfully, the insurance will come online when I’ll be 24 weeks along, which is at least four weeks before I have to start getting the normal tests and shots (gestational diabetes, rhogam, etc.) Between now and then I mostly only need to go in for monitoring my blood pressure, weight gain and the fetal heart rate; two things of which I can monitor on my own if I have to. I could probably do the fetal heart rate as well if I could get my hands on a Doppler.

Anyways, I think that’s all that’s been going on with us. We’re continuing to settle into the apartment, Kyle starts teaching in a couple of weeks and I’m looking for work. Please continue to pray as we transition into our new home.

Author: KB French

Formerly many things, including theology student, mime, jr. high Latin teacher, and Army logistics officer. Currently in the National Guard, and employed as a civilian... somewhere

3 thoughts on “Update thingies…I’m terrible at this sometimes….”

  1. Must be something going across the country — I had the cold & now Lanny has it.

    Glad all is going well – except for the twinges. Eat your protein, say your prayers, drink your water.

    be blessed


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