Lemon Tree

Very pretty

Since my daughter was born, my favorite nickname for her was baby doll. All my boys were huge, but Sadie as a baby was tiny, and she seemed like a little doll in my arms.

Now that she’s 4 ½, her nickname is a little less appropriate. She complains, “I’m not a baby!” And I tell her, “You’ll always be my baby.” But she’s less like a Kewpie now, and more like Kid Sister.

Also, she has a personality now. Like

The girl with a the curl
In the middle of her forehead,
When she’s good, she’s very good,
But when she’s bad, she’s horrid!

Today, she came trouncing down in a bright white Easter dress. Very pretty. And I was reminded of a song.

Lemon tree! Very pretty!
And the lemon flower is sweet.
But the fruit of the poor lemon
Is a thing one cannot eat.

So now she has a new nickname: Lemon Tree.

Not for tasting. She’s “my perfect little peach.” But I don’t need to coach her to stay out of reach.

Prove me wrong

  • At 6:30, Ethan climbed into bed with us and wouldn’t go back to sleep.
  • At around 6:45, I got up and set him up watching Speed Racer.
  • At around 6:50, Timothy woke up and started walking on his mother’s head. I picked him up and tried to set him up in the playroom. No go. I tried to hold him while surfing Facebook. No go.
  • Around 7:00, I realized he was hungry, so I set him up at the table with a bowl of goldfish crackers and some water.
  • Around 7:05, Ethan came out asking for breakfast, so I pulled out cereal and set him up with a bowl of fruit loops and a cup of milk. At which point, Timothy complained about his lack of milk.

Suddenly, I realized that Timothy needed breakfast and not a snack. So I got him a cup of milk, and added the rest of the fruit loops to the goldfish.

Now, it is my contention that there is no reason to believe that fruit loops is in any way a healthier or more appropriate breakfast food than goldfish.