Aside from the occasional extra tornado, of course

Apparently, “watering the lawn” in California has had a huge effect on the weather of the eastern side of the Rockies, creating a good chunk of the climate change that is usually attributed to global warming. I’m pretty sure it’s a net positive for folks in the western US. (HT: pseudopolymath)


Good morning. We had a storm last night in the Knoxville region that had people panicking – almost my entire office left early so they could get home before the tornadoes came. The storm itself was very impressive – for 15 minutes.

  1. No.
  2. Prejudice looking for prejudice. Also: note the prejudice in the comments.
  3. There’s something to this perspective, but at the same time it’s not… quite… right. Which again, is of course why I’m not Orthodox.
  4. FDR.
  5. Freedom spelled backwards is…
  6. Poor management always backfires.
  7. One Sudafed short of a…
  8. Doug Wilson continues his critique of N.T. Wright. Remember: Wilson, the punchline is always at the end. His point about “not exegesis first, but Christ first” also rang home to me. Exegesis is good, but exegesis, when you exit Jesus, is blind.