Over the weekend

It’s David’s birthday today – he’s one year old. I’d say it’s time for a new one, but we need a new house first. In other news, Valerie finally got her first paycheck today from her job as a social worker, so the possibility of getting a house (or at least an apartment) has increased significantly.

Here’s what I saw over the weekend:

  1. Grounds for divorce?
  2. The play’s the thing…
  3. I’m really growing to like Mark Driscoll. But apparently the SBC… doesn’t.
  4. Imitation crab meat. It’s made of Alaskan Pollock. In other words, imitation crab meat is real fish meat, artificially made to taste like crab. So, since I like “imitation” crab meat, how do I know if that means I’m a poser because I like the fake stuff, or if I just happen to like the fish that imitation crab is made of? Is there a place I can go to try plain Pollock?
  5. How exactly do you make a power grab with the census?
  6. I want.
  7. Ok. Yeah. If ever there were a damning catholic doctrine, this is it.
  8. Frank Schaeffer (Francis’ son) makes a fool of himself. Publicly.
  9. Against nose-blowing. There is, of course, an alternative.
  10. pathos. Immoral, but pathos indeed.