Technically, this would be links from the day-before-yesterday, but that looks silly as a title. David had a fever yesterday, so I stayed home with him. He had no other symptoms, other than a general clinginess, so I’m going with a coworker’s theory that he’s just teething. Unfortunately, staying home means I’m completely out of my schedule and end up playing video games during my free moments. I come to work the next day so grateful for a job to prop up my sanctification.

Of course, now “Yesterday’s” is getting a little disingenuous for a title, since obviously I’m not always going to be able to get back to it the next day. Any suggestions what I should call these things?

On to the links:

  1. Mark Driscoll’s missed opportunity. I definitely think Driscoll blew it on this one. “Do you dig Jesus?” leaves it too open for the person to make up their own Jesus to believe in.

    A better question might be: “Do you understand that, apart from Jesus’ intervention on your behalf, you are a rebel and a traitor to God?” They may be traitors who go to church; they almost certainly are who refuse – How can you say you love God, whom you have not seen, when you hate your brother, whom you have?

  2. On reading books. I relate. I also know that when the hen ceases to lay eggs, it becomes a stew.
  3. Indiana Jones. As a citizen of Springfield.
  4. Economist Greg Mankiw corrects a journalist. The last two paragraphs are actually in English.
  5. Bussman’s holiday. So sad.
  6. Crochet – Bad! No!
  7. The Microsoft Store – via Windows Vista.
  8. Wiemar America
  9. Acquired heritable characteristics – does not apply to circumcision or baptism. Apparently applies to sin.
  10. Authenticity
  11. Apparently the church has never “been a philosophy” – not even what might be termed “the false church.”
  12. Dogs and cats.
  13. On Rule Breaking
  14. Competition
  15. Finale!
  16. Obama had a dream. (Satire)
  17. Marx Cat
  18. Economists agree (and I do too).

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Formerly many things, including theology student, mime, jr. high Latin teacher, and Army logistics officer. Currently in the National Guard, and employed as a civilian... somewhere

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